Dr. Bradley K. Sargent, Director


Every time a band member misses a rehearsal, the effectiveness of the organization is harmed. Moody Band attendance policies are formulated to minimize the amount
of harm done. Problems of attendance related to the marching band can be ameliorated if each member understands and abides by the following policies:

1. NEVER take an absence or tardy lightly.
2. All absences for valid reasons must be excused in advance when possible. Let your
director know why you are going to be absent and when you will be back.
3. Though certain flexibility can be allowed during the summer months, absences should result only in cases of illness, family emergency, or conflict with religious commitment. Absences for any other reason may be classified as unexcused.
4. Limited attendance may result in limited participation in performances.
5. Sometimes the director must use those who are qualified to perform regardless of that person’s attendance.
6. All absences should be made up.
7. Any absence incurred after the beginning of the school year will affect the student’s
8. There is no justification for an unexcused absence from a performance. THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED FROM ANYONE! Punishment for this violation could include permanent assignment to non-performing status, a failing grade in band, or a schedule change.
9. If you are too sick to come to the game with the band, you are too sick to come at all.
10. Any student who incurs more than two unexcused tardies may be assigned to nonperforming status.

Moody School Band/Auxiliary Grading Policy

Each student will be working toward a goal of earning an average of 100 points per grading period.  The band grade will come from three different areas and will be posted weekly:             
·       Participation              30%
·       Pass-offs and playing tests              20%
·       Performance attendance              50%
All performances are required!

Elements of Participation
·                  Posture
·                  Conduct
·                  Assignments and Forms Returned
·                  Bringing instrument/equipment
·                  Materials: books, music, neck strap, pencil, dot book, coordinate markers, equipment etc.
·                  Good reeds
·                  Proper embouchure
·                  Following instructions
·                  Mouthpiece
·                  Quality participation

Minimum of one playing test per term (Test material will be assigned one week in advance of the test.)

All performances are required.  Students must have on designated attire to receive full credit for the event.  Points will be deducted from students who are tardy or improperly dressed.  In the event of an emergency, please call the band director ASAP.
(Dr. Sargent: 640-1995)

After several years of observation of various musical organizations, your director has come to the following conclusion: Organization and care of facilities and equipment go hand in hand with pride and musical excellence. Evidence of these characteristics and rules for achieving them include the following:

1.   Neatness and cleanliness of the band room.

A. After every event, the room must be clean and everything must be put in place
before we leave for the field or bus or before we go home. Cleaning crews will be
assigned weekly.

B. The room must be left in order after every rehearsal.

C. During indoor band rehearsals, do not bring cases (other than clarinet or flute) into
the set. Leave the cases in the cubbies. Flute and clarinet cases should be placed under

D. Do not track dirt into the band room, especially after marching rehearsals.

E. All instruments are to be kept clean.

2.   Proper storage and care of instruments and equipment.

A.    Store instruments and music books in your cubby. NO LUNCHES, PLEASE!

B.    Always shelve your instrument after using it. Do not leave it out. Handle
instruments with care. Clean them regularly.

C.    All instruments and equipment must be put in their proper place after all rehearsals and performances.

D.   Do not use instrument cubbies as book lockers.

E.    Any student who violates any of the above policies could be denied the use of a band room cubby.

3.   Good attitude and behavior while in band room

A.    Have pride in your band room and band.

B.    When asked to do your part in helping clean up, do your part willingly.

Any deliberate abuse or defacing of facilities, equipment, or instruments will not be tolerated. Individuals caught abusing facilities or equipment will:

A.    Pay any expenses incurred from the abuse or defacing.

B.    Be removed from the band.

No loitering in the band room.


You are responsible for the uniform assigned to you. Please be mature about this
responsibility. Any portion of the uniform you lose or damage must be replaced at your expense.

The band room is primarily a place for work, and the process of making good music is enjoyable work. When you enter a church for worship, your behavior changes, reflecting your purpose for being in the space. Similarly, when you enter the band room, your purpose for being there should be reflected in your behavior. The band functions as a school unit, and in many ways we are like a big family. This makes a certain amount of pleasant discourse desirable and acceptable upon entering the room, but this should be kept to a minimum. Each member should quickly and efficiently begin the planned activity on time. Any horseplay, foolishness, or immature behavior is strictly out of place because it is contrary to our purpose and will not be tolerated.

These policies have much to do with the quality of your performances and the quality of your education. Be mature and cooperative, making these policies a part of your habits.

1.    When needed, a run through can be called by the director.

2.    Time of departure and inspection will be announced prior to each event.

3.    Uniform committee members and section leaders will inspect uniforms and equipment prior to each performance. Failing inspection more than two times will mean assignmentto non-performing status.

4.    BE QUIET ON THE WAY TO THE EVENT. On the way home, do anything you wish that does not violate public law, school policy or band policy.

5.    On all trips off-campus, students must ride buses to the event. Prior to the first trip each student must bring a signed trip permit covering the whole year (forms will be provided). A bus list will be posted for each member to sign. The Head Chaperone will compile and post the final bus assignment. No student is ever to change the list or change buses without the permission of the Director. If this is done, everyone will be assigned a seat by the Director. Roll call will be made from these lists. Students may return from the event other than on the band buses only under BOTH of the following conditions:

A. The appropriate student check-out authorization form is signed by your parents or
legal guardian and turned in to the Band Director. (These forms will be provided for this purpose at the beginning of the year).

B. The parent, guardian, or other adult authorized on your check out form must come to
the bus and sign you out in the presence of the chaperone. The signature on this
sign out sheet releases the Band Director, the school and all associated with the
trip of all responsibility for your safety at the conclusion of the event. Your Band Director considers it a personal imposition for you or your parents to ask for exception to this rule, which is made for the personal protection of each student.

6.    Non-band students (except chaperones) will not be allowed to ride the bus to the game. Do not ask for exceptions.

7.    There will be no smoking by band students on the bus or at any band function.

8.    Never yell or talk to pedestrians on the street or spectators in the stadium.

9.    Never throw anything off the bus.

10.                     Upon arriving at the destination, remain on the buses until instructed to get off by the Director or other person in authority. Section leaders get off first. Other members assemble with your section immediately.

11.                     In the stadium and before the performance, be quiet and attentive and follow
instructions closely and quickly. Nothing looks worse than a band that appears to be disorganized. Do not play instruments unless someone is conducting.

12. Line up and sit where your section leader tells you. Do not allow non-band students to
sit in our seats. Do not expect your section leader to put you on the end of a row so
that you can sit by a non-band member. Seating arrangements must be made to get the best sound and appearance from the band, not for the social convenience of the members.

13. Do not eat, drink, or smoke in the stands, except for food and drinks that are
provided for everyone at specific times.

14. You may go the rest room two at a time. All rest room requests should be directed to a chaperone. No more than two students should be out of the section at any time. Do not go to the rest rooms alone. In certain situations, the director may require restroom or concession visits in chaperoned groups only.

15. Never argue in public with the Director, student leaders, or chaperone. If you want to
discuss a problem, arrange to do it in private with the Director. Behave in a mature
manner at all times. Direct as many questions and problems as possible to your section
leader. Section leaders should direct questions to the drum major. The Band Director should have to deal only with student leaders. Even then, student leaders should see the director only in cases in which leaders cannot answer the questions or solve the problems themselves.

16. Each student is responsible for seeing that his/her uniform and instrument are
properly loaded on the bus or truck. Upon returning to school, each student is
responsible for properly disposing of his own garbage and for proper storage of any
uniform, instrument, and/or props to be sorted in the band room. Before getting off
the bus, see that you have all the correct uniform parts, including shoes. Do not leave
the Band Director and student leaders with a messy room and garbage-filled buses to
clean up.

17. Smoking will not be allowed at any time during a band event. Students are not allowed to appear at a band function under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicant. Any student violating these rules is subject to disciplinary action and possible exclusion from further band activities. This policy is in keeping with policies of Moody High School and the St. Clair County Board of Education.

18. Permission slips for contest trips out of town and all information concerning the trip
will be given prior to the event.

19. No student will be allowed to ride the bus unless they have BOTH their Medical Forms AND Permission Sheets signed and turned in to the Director. POSITIVELY NO


1. All band fees must be paid in full when band camp begins for the student to participate
in the band. If there is a hardship, arrangements should be made with the band
director in advance.

2. If a student pays band fees and decides before band camp not to be in band, the total
fee paid toward the upcoming year is refundable. Funds received by the boosters as part of the “Invest in the Blue” program will not be refunded. The beginning of band camp officially begins the current band year. Refunds will not be given if a student drops out during the current year.

3. If a student starts band during the band year, their band fee is prorated based on the
full fee amount and the time remaining in the current school year.

4. Students who have not paid their band fees (or made other arrangements), as well as
those students on extended payment plans whose fees are not up-to-date, will not be
allowed to participate in non-classroom band activities (i.e. football games,
competitions, concerts, etc). Parents agree that Moody High School Band
Boosters may pursue all available means to collect outstanding band fees.


1. Practice schedules will be posted on the band website at www.moodyband.org and forwarded to all members of the Moody Blue Devils Group at yahoo.com, accessible via the website. These practice schedules are subject to change as needed. You will be notified of any practice changes by the director or your section leader.

2. All band practices will be held at Moody High School.

3. Additional sectional and squad practices are not included in these schedules. You will be given schedules with time and location information for these practices by your group

4. The marching band performs during halftime of every varsity football game. Other
performance dates will be provided as the information becomes available.

5. Your schedule for performance events will vary. Your director and / or section leader
will provide this information to you for each game day or other event.

6. Every effort will be made to provide you with information in a timely manner. However, if a performance is approaching and you have not received schedule information, ASK your group leader, sponsor, or director. Also, check the table in the band room for copies of information.

The items listed below will be issued to each musician at the beginning of the year. You will be responsible for replacing any items which are lost, abused, or misplaced at the denoted replacement cost.

Musicians are required to wear black socks which are above the ankle in height, an MHS-issued blue band t-shirt, athletic shorts and black band shoes each time they wear their uniform. If additional t-shirts are needed, it will be an additional cost to the student. The uniforms will be stored at the high school in the uniform room. Students will have a uniform assigned to them for the entire year. The uniforms will be cleaned together as needed. Cleaning costs are included in the band camp fees.


1. Absences and tardiness hurt not only the individual ensemble member, but also the
entire ensemble. Members are expected to be present and on time at all practices and
performances. Excused absences include personal illness (a doctor’s excuse or
parent note is required), death in the immediate family, or special circumstances that
have received prior permission from the sponsor, band director, principal, or committee.
Work is not an excused absence. Work schedules must be scheduled around all
practices and performances. All attempts should be made to schedule doctor’s
appointments around practices and performances. A dentist appointment is not
excused unless it is an emergency situation. Excuses should be submitted in writing to
the director prior to the absence or tardy except in cases of emergency.

2. Excessive absences and tardiness may result in a non-performing status. Upon a second unexcused absence, a member will be dismissed from the band or auxiliary unit.

3. On the day of a game or activity, members must be present at school at least one half day (before or after 11:00 am) in order to perform unless otherwise approved by the sponsor, band director, or principal.

1. Ensemble members must maintain a 70 overall average with no grade below 60 to retain performance eligibility.

2. If minimum grades are not maintained, the student will be notified of probationary
status. A second failure to maintain the appropriate overall average or minimum grade requirement by class will be subject to removal from the group for the remainder of the performing season.


The Moody High School band auxiliaries (including dance team, color guard and majorettes) are a subsidiary of the Moody High School Marching Band. As a part of the organization, members are in a position of honor and leadership. Every member shall maintain a high standard of moral character and social conduct and will work with fellow band members toward a common and mutual goal of excellence.

** ALL students interested in being a member of any squad of the Moody Band Auxiliaries will be required to demonstrate a predefined skill level performing a Color Guard routine during tryouts.

1. Each auxiliary will consist of no definite number from year to year. Numbers of
qualified candidates are determined at the discretion of the band director and sponsors.

2. Judges will be selected from outside the school attendance area.

3. The decision of the judges is FINAL. No scores will be announced or reviewed.

4. Selection is based upon appearance, showmanship, coordination,
and basic routines (for all members of visual ensemble including dancers and majorettes). Dance, poise, the ability to take commands, routine performance, and basic marching skills also are considered. **In addition, dancers will be judged on kick routine, jazz routine, turns, leaps, splits, etc. Majorettes will be judged on twirling basics, individual routines, and group routines.

5. Tryouts and clinics will be closed to spectators.

6. Tryout results will be posted at a designated place and time.

7. Selection of group leaders and/or captains will be made by the sponsors and band director.

8. Each auxiliary member and/or parent is responsible for all costs of uniforms, accessories, summer camp, common expenses, etc. No items will be received until full payment has been made. A payment schedule will be given to members by the sponsor of each group. All fees must be paid by the end of the current school year.

9. The season for each auxiliary is from tryout to tryout. All members wishing to participate in the next season must tryout again each year.

1.    Tryouts are open to current 8th – 11th grade (rising 9-12th grade) students and/or students who have participated in the previous season.
2.    Auxiliary members who play an instrument in the band at the time of tryouts are expected to continue participation in band as instrumentalists when the auxiliary unit is not involved in band activities. 
3.    Students will present a signed permission form by the due date.
4.    Students will need a signed and current physical by the due date.
5.    Students must have an overall C average on the most recent report card at the time of tryouts, with no individual grade lower than D.
6.    Students must provide two current teacher recommendations by the due date. Forms are available from the director and sponsors.
7.    Students are required to pay a $25.00 non-refundable entry fee to cover the costs of hiring judges and running tryouts. Checks should be made payable to the Moody Band Boosters and are due by the last clinic date before tryouts.
8.    Furnish a copy of your most recent report card.
9.    After-school clinic attendance is mandatory and free of charge for all tryout participants. Specific clinic dates will be included with the tryout packet. Specific dates will be announced. Sponsors will take roll at each clinic. Students with unexcused absences from any clinic will not be allowed to audition for the auxiliary.
10.                     All students will need a release form signed by a parent or guardian.

The specific procedures, dates, required technical skills, and routines may vary slightly
each year. Prior to tryouts, a packet will be made available containing all relevant information: dates and locations, forms, performance, skill, and attire requirements.

The exact cost of participating in one of the visual ensemble squads varies from year to
year and from squad to squad. A breakdown of costs will be given to candidates by the
individual sponsor during pre-tryout clinics.

1. Fees and expenses must be paid as scheduled to maintain performing status.
2. Credit for fees and expenses can be earned through participation in fundraisers.

1. Attendance problems hurt the individual and the ensemble. Members are expected to be present and on time at all rehearsals and performances. Excused absences include personal illness as verified by a doctor’s excuse, death in the immediate family, or special circumstances that have received prior permission from the sponsor, band director, or principal. Work is not an excused absence. Work must be scheduled around all practices and performances. All attempts should be made to schedule doctor appointments around band obligations. A dentist appointment is not excused unless it is an emergency situation. Excuses should be submitted in writing to the sponsor prior to the absence or tardy. Absences for emergencies should be confirmed with the director or sponsor within 24 hours of the emergency. It is the student’s and parent’s responsibility to communicate with the director or sponsor about an absence. Do not wait for the instructor to find you.

2. Excessive absences and tardiness may result in a non-performing status. Upon a second
unexcused absence, a member will be dismissed from the team.

3. On the day of a game or activity, members must be present at school for at least one half of the school day in order to perform unless otherwise approved by the sponsor, band director,
or principal.

1. Ensemble members must maintain a C overall average with no grade below D to retain
performance eligibility.

2. If minimum grades are not maintained, the student will be notified of probationary
status. A second failure to maintain the appropriate overall average or minimum grade requirement will be subject to removal from the group for the remainder of the performing season.

The following discipline plan is in place to encourage a well-organized and proficient
ensemble. This plan holds true for all members in the ensemble, including captains and co-captains.

Moody High School Visual Ensemble (Auxiliary) sponsors may utilize a committee of teachers, sponsors, band director, and principal for any disciplinary decisions. In addition to the major infractions listed below, all members will be expected to follow the rules of the Moody High School student handbook and the St. Clair County Board of Education Code of Conduct.

1. Non-Performing Status – This is a probationary period. If a student reaches this
status, the parents will be notified by the sponsor or director. Students are required to attend all
rehearsals and performances while at non-performing status.

2. Dismissal – Removal from the ensemble for the remainder of the year because of a failure
to meet academic or behavioral standards. Eligibility for participation in future years
will be reviewed by the sponsor and band director. Severe disciplinary or behavioral
problems will result in dismissal from the visual ensemble.

3. Major Infractions – The following infractions are considered detrimental to the squad
and will result in appropriate punishment determined by the sponsor and band director.
Depending on the situation, one major infraction can result in suspension or dismissal
from the squad. Three major infractions will result in dismissal from the visual ensemble:

• Failure to follow given instructions by sponsor, band director, chaperone, or other authority figure.
• Leaving or showing disrespect toward a chaperone, director, or sponsor at any event.
• Leaving performances or practice without permission.
• Unexcused absence from rehearsal.
• Unexcused absence from performance, game, or any other designated
• Vandalism or disrespect of property, including flag, rifle, or other equipment.
• Failure to display proper attitude and / or sportsmanship.
• Failure to be prompt to scheduled events – tardiness is not acceptable!
• Failure to execute duties assigned by the sponsor.
• Failure to bring all necessary equipment and materials to all activities, games,
practices, etc.
• Failure to pay fees.
• Failure to attend band camp or auxiliary camp.
• Failure to abide by director / sponsor decisions.
• Use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco on or off campus.
• Fighting (physically, verbally, or written word / text messages)
• Disrespect to sponsor, chaperone, director, etc.

4. All other discipline concerns will be considered on an individual basis.

5. “Three Strikes” Rule – Three minor infractions will equal one major infraction. Minor
infractions include but are not limited to the following:
• Tardy (practice, game, etc.)
• Leaving equipment at an inappropriate place or time
• Leaving trash.
• Lack of participation (Talking, horseplay, out of spot, etc.) at practice or
• Use of cell phone at practice.
• Incorrect shoes.
• Gum (at practice, competition performance)
• Eating, drinking, or use of cell phone in the stands or in the band room.
• Out of uniform, including:
- Incorrect hair.
- Incorrect make-up / make-up not done on time.
- Run in hose.
- Incorrect shoes / socks / etc.
- No gloves.
- Fingernail polish
- Earrings or other jewelry that is not part of costume