Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fox 6 Pep Rally Instructions

Fox 6 Pep Rally this Friday morning, September 26th:

Band Room will open at 6:30 am for instrument/equipment retrieval
Call Time IN THE BAND ROOM: 6:45 am, warm-up, etc.
March to gym together, arriving by 7:00 am
Live Segment on air: 7:20 am, auxiliaries sitting with band in the stands
Final Live Segment on air: 8:20 am, featuring full pep rally with all participants

Note: Be sure to eat breakfast before arrival at school

Playing Members: Tennis shoes, short white socks, black or navy under-armor shorts, band t-shirt
Majo and Dance: Last year's pep rally uniform
Guard: Jersey, show pants, BLACK jazz shoes

Any variations on the above uniform will not be allowed to perform and will be subject to demerits for uniform infractions.

Auxiliaries: No floor routines are to be performed at this pep rally. Our #1 focus at this point remains FIELD SHOW CHOREOGRAPHY!

See you early Friday morning!!