Sunday, March 30, 2014

April 15th Marching Band/Band Booster Meeting/Elections

Students and Parents: Please mark your calendars. The April 15th meeting of the band boosters will take place at 6:30 pm in the school cafeteria. This is an important meeting for all students who will be members of the marching band and auxiliary units for the upcoming fall 2014 season and their parents. Also, this is an important meeting to the band booster organization. ALL RISING 9TH-12TH GRADE (AND UPWARD MARCHING) STUDENTS AND PARENTS ARE EXPECTED TO ATTEND!

Items on the booster agenda include:
Discussion and explanation of band fees for 2014 with due dates
Instructions for the Invest-in-the-Blue program for assistance with band fees
Details about summer band and band camp activities, requirements, scheduling, expectations, etc.
Band Booster Officer Elections

Instructions for booster officer nominations:
To nominate a candidate for service as a booster officer: Confirm with the person you wish to nominate to secure their willingness to serve prior to making your nomination. Please send an e-mail to booster secretary Alice Freeman at to record your nomination in advance of April 15th.  

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Band Calendar Revision, March 2014



REVISED 3/18/14



March 14-15 ABA District II Honor Band, Albertville HS

*March 18 Band Boosters 6:30 and Spring Fundraiser Launch

March 24-28 Spring Break, School Closed

*April 2 Auxiliary Uniform Fittings 3:00 pm—Mandatory

April 1, 3-5 St. Clair All-County Honor Band, Ashville HS

April 8 Solo and Ensemble Deadline (postmark)

April 9-12 All-State Band Festival, Huntsville

*April 15 Boosters/Marchers/Auxiliary Meeting (Mandatory) 6:30

April 21 Solo and Ensemble at Oxford HS

*April 26 Band Banquet

May 1 Spring Concert and Art Show, 6:00 pm

May 12-16 Sargent has am lunchroom. Band room opens 8 am daily

May 22 MHS Graduation

May 30 Last Day of School

*June 5 Summer Band 6-8 pm

*June 19 Summer Band 6-8 pm

*July 10 Summer Band 6-8 pm

*July 17 Summer Band 6-8 pm

*July 16-18 Auxiliary/Percussion/Rookie Camp 8 am-Noon

*July 21-Aug 1 Band Camp 8 am – 4:00 pm

*August 7 School Begins

*August 22 Football at Home

*September 5 Football Away

*September 12 Football at Home

*September 19 Football Away

*September 26 Football Away

*September 27 Contest TBA

*October 3 Football at Home

*October 4 Contest TBA

October 6-8 Fall Break

*October 10 Homecoming Game

*October 17 Football Away

*October 24 Football at Home (Senior Night)

*October 31 Football Away

*November 7 Playoff?

*November 14 Playoff?

December 4 Christmas Concert (tentative)

December 19 Last Day of School

Musical Ambassadors

Moody Band parents and students: Please read the letter below from the Alabama Musical Ambassadors. Please let me know if you would like to be nominated for an opportunity to go on the trip. This is the same trip that our recent graduate Elizabeth K did, and she loved it! -- Dr. Sargent.


2015 TOUR

March 13, 2014

Dear Colleague:

I am a member of the teaching staff for the Alabama Ambassadors of Music for the 2015 European tour. This group of some of the most talented high school and college musicians from all over the state of Alabama presented a series of band, jazz band, and choir concerts in seven countries (England, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Italy, and Germany) over a 16-day period in 2001, 2003, 2009, 2011, and 2013, and were warmly received by all of their enthusiastic European audiences. Students who travel with us have the opportunity to work with fellow musicians and respected music educators from throughout the state; and through their travels, the participating students gain an educational and musical experience of a lifetime.

Part of my responsibility with the Alabama Ambassadors of Music is to identify outstanding high school musical talent in the state to be considered for an invitation to join the Ambassadors on our 2015 tour. I am attaching a form on which to make recommendations of the top students in your program. Please list any instrumental and/or choral students whom you deem to be musically talented, who are individuals of high character and leadership ability, and who might benefit from an experience of a high-quality musical tour of Europe. Students need not necessarily be members of the All-State ensembles, and we encourage you to nominate student leaders in particular. You may nominate as many students as you feel are deserving of such an honor. Please return the information to me as soon as possible. Students should not be aware that they have been nominated, and please do not consider student financial status when making your nominations. In many cases, even students of limited financial means can raise the funds necessary through churches and corporate sponsorships. Being nominated for this tour is an honor of which students can be proud, and all nominated musicians will receive a letter of commendation from Alabama Governor Robert Bentley.

The minimum age for participation is 15 at the time of departure (June, 2015), so most current 8th grade students are eligible if they meet the above criteria. Please do also feel free to recommend recent graduates of your program who may be in college now. Young college students have made extremely important contributions to the musical success of the past Ambassadors tours.

Band Boosters Tonight 3/18/14

Band Boosters meet tonight at 6:30 pm, band room. Please attend!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Comprehensive Tryout Results 2014

All members are listed by first initial of last name, followed by first name.
Uniform fittings take place on April 2nd, 3:00 pm, Band Room. Attendance Required.

A Hannah (Captain)
C Charley
G Taylor
H Trakelia
M Meagan
P Kaleigh
P Hannah
Q Laura

Color Guard:
C Kasey
C Anna
D Alexis
F Haleigh
H Carlee
H Kaylee
H Haley
M Toni Amanda
M Hannah
P Jordan
P Emily
S Alexis
S Madison
T Allison
W Rachel
W McClain
W Olivia
W Amanda (Captain)

A A. Caroline (Captain)
C Amanda
C Megan
H Hannah
S Rachael

UNA Honor Band

From Dr. Jones, UNA Bands:

Hello All! Just a reminder … UNA Honor Band applications are due next week. We are looking forward to another great experience and we are hopeful you’ll have student interested in participating! Let me know if I can be of assistance!

UNA Invitational Honor Band 2014

April 24-26

Application Due: March 19

Dr. Lloyd Jones – Purple Band
Mr. David Waters – Gold Band
Mrs. Nancy Frith – 9th Grade Band
Mr. Patrick Harper – White Band
Mr. Nathan Haskew– White Band

We will be awarding two $1000.00 awards to outstanding seniors who choose to attend UNA and perform in the Pride of Dixie Marching Band. They will receive this award in addition to their Band Performance Award (an extra $500 each of their first two semesters). Please visit our web-site, or call 256-765-4362 for information.

Additionally: This is a great time to audition for the UNA Band! Band Performance Awards range from $400-$4000/semester and are awarded without regard to academic major. If you have students who are trying to decide what they will do next fall – here is a great opportunity.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Drum Major/Color Guard Results 2014, Week One

Students who are continuing into majorette and dance tryouts will begin clinics on Monday, March 10 in the MHS gym at 3:05 pm. Majorette and dance tryouts begin after school on Friday, March 14.


Drum Major: Jesslyn M.

Color Guard Captain: Mandy (Amanda) W.

Color Guard Members:
Hannah A
Anna Caroline A
Amanda C
Kasey C
Charley C
Megan C
Anna C
Alexis D
Haleigh F
Taylor G
Carlee H
Kaylee H
Hannah H
Haley H
Trakelia H
Toni Amanda M
Hannah M
Meagan M
Kaleigh P
Hannah P
Jordan P
Emily P
Laura Q
Alexis S
Rachael S
Madison S
Allison T
Rachel W
McClain W
Olivia W
Amanda W

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

All-County Band Chair Placement Requirements

All County Honor Band 2014

Chair Placement Requirements


(Brass, woodwind and mallets)

3 Chromatically adjacent scales and arpeggios.

Points awarded for every octave played.

Sight reading.

Percussion. Buzz Roll – p to f to p.

Flam Accents Slow –Fast –Slow.

Double Paradiddles slow –Fast-Slow.

7 stroke roll Slow- Fast –Slow.

Single stroke roll (timpani roll) slow-fast-slow.

Sight reading.

JR HIGH REQUIREMENTS, Grades 9 and down.

(Brass, woodwinds and mallets)

Scales: Concert Bb, Eb, Ab, and F.

Points awarded for every octave played.

Sight Reading.

Percussion. Buzz Roll p to f to p.

Flams slow-fast-slow.

Paradiddles Slow-Fast-Slow.

5 stroke roll slow-fast-slow.

Single stroke roll (timpani roll) slow-fast-slow.

Sight Reading.

9th Graders: Ask you director which band you should participate in.

All-County Band Dates and Info 2014

Students and parents: All-County Band is open to all intermediate through 12th grade students from Moody. 7th and 8th grade beginners may go to all-county with approval from Dr. Sargent after successfully playing a pass-off on all scales and tryout requirements.

From Mr. Francis, Ashville HS band director:


Ashville High School


Chair placement tryouts. Begins at 4:30 pm. Please be there as soon as possible.


8:30 am. Practice begins. Lunch from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. Breaks as the director’s discretion. Practice will end at 5:00 pm. Lunch is provided.


8:30 am. Practice begins. Lunch at 11:30. Lunch is provided.

1:00 pm. Concert in the high school gym. Concert attire is the same as you wear at your own school concerts. Uniforms, dress blacks, or just dress clothes.

Cost: $20.00 per person. Make all checks payable to Ashville Band Boosters. You may pay when you arrive for chair placement tryouts on 04-01-2014. There will be someone at registration with a receipt book.