Friday, January 17, 2014

All-State Auditions Tomorrow, 1/18/14

Auditions are at Southside High School, 2361 School Drive, Gadsden, AL 35907

Student Instructions:

• Students should be familiar with the audition requirements. Each student auditioning for All-State should conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.

• Audition times have been emailed to each band director.

• Registration procedures:

o Arrive 30 minutes to one hour before your audition time.

o Go to the registration desk to sign in. Students will receive an audition card and a 4-digit student ID number on a label that must be worn on the student’s shirt throughout the audition process.

o BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR AUDITION CARD!!!! Do not fold or write on the card. Any damage to the card may prohibit the scanner from reading it properly or reading it at all.

• Warm-up: a warm-up room will be provided. Do not play in the hallways at any time.

• Audition:

o Arrive at your audition room before your scheduled audition time. Upon arrival, a runner will escort you in to the audition room. Realize that you may be ushered directly in to the audition room or you may have to wait a few minutes but the audition times should run close to the published schedule.

o The runner will match the number on the name tag with the number on your audition card.

o SCALE ROOM (NON-PERCUSSION): DO NOT SPEAK WHILE YOU ARE IN THE AUDITION ROOMS. All communication will be between the runner and you.

 No music or scale sheets are allowed in the scale room. You may leave any items with the student runner in the hall.

 The student will begin playing the scales when they receive a signal from the runner.

 Students should perform scales according to the following written order: C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, B, E, A, D, G. A scale order sheet will be provided on the stand in the audition room.

 Students that do not pass the required number of scales will be notified by the runner that their audition is over and the student will not progress to the second room. High school students must pass 7 pairs of major scales and their associated arpeggios. Middle school students must pass 5 pairs of major scales and their associated arpeggios.


 After the student completes the scales they will move to the second audition room.

 Students may bring their own music into this room or the exercises will be provided on the stand.

 The runner will verify the number on the student's shirt matches the number on the audition card.

 Students will perform the "Lyrical" exercise first followed by the "Technical" exercise when the runner gives a signal to begin.

 Upon completion of the prepared exercises, the runner will provide the student with the sight reading exercise. The student will be allowed one minute to look at the exercise and may not play their instrument during this time. After one minute the runner will signal for the student to begin playing.

 After the student has completed the audition, the runner will excuse the student and the audition is complete.


 Percussion will follow a similar path as above with the exception their auditions will take place in 4 different rooms. A maximum of two judges will be in each room to communicate and guide the percussion student through the audition process.

• Results: results for All-State and District 2 Honor Band will be posted online at

• The Southside HS band boosters will have light concessions available for students and a hospitality room for the directors.