Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Parade Contingency

Band Members:
The City of Moody will notify me at 2 pm on Saturday of the status of the Christmas parade. IF the parade is rained out on Saturday, the city will hold the parade at the same time on Sunday, 12/15. If the city chooses to postpone, we only have two buses available on Sunday and would not be able to transport beginners. There is some possibility that the band may have to cancel altogether in the event of a postponement. Please be sure to check this website, your text or e-mail, and/or Yahoo Groups around 2 pm Saturday. If you hear nothing from me via any of these means, please arrive at the band room by the 3 pm call time for further instructions or to prepare for the event. PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME POSTPONEMENT. If in doubt, arrive at the band room at call time for accurate information.

In the meantime, please send word of potential conflicts with the proposed Sunday make-up date to This will help me to determine the feasibility of the band's participation in the event of a rain-out.

Thank you!