Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Saturday Contest Details for 10/5/13

10 am call time at band room-- Chic-fil-A provides biscuits. There's no time to eat as a group again until after our 1:40 performance. Sending your student with a non-perishable, quick snack is a good idea.

11 am-- depart from MHS

12:00 arrive, warm-up, go to staging area

1:40 performance; change out of uniforms into street clothes. Weather could get cool or rainy or stay warm, so bringing clothes for a variety of conditions is a good idea.

2:00-- go to a local park for the afternoon. Parent chaperones, director, staff, and band students only. No outside visitors (No boyfriends/girlfriends who are not current band members). Band boosters are cooking hamburgers for late lunch/early dinner.

5:00-- back to contest stadium to view other bands. Students can go to concessions and vendors in chaperoned groups, so extra spending money is a good idea.

8-9 pm-- exhibition bands and awards ceremony

10 pm-- leave Oneonta

11 pm-- Arrive at MHS band room

Parents: If my own child were on this trip, I would make sure he had a change of appropriate (depending upon the weather and SCCBOE dress codes) street clothes with a sweatshirt or light jacket, tennis shoes, a few relatively healthy and non-perishable snacks, extra spending money for vendors and concessions, a well-maintained instrument and equipment, band t-shirt, under-armor shorts, long black socks, marching shoes, and maybe a frisbee, book, or game for supervised free time at the park in Oneonta, in addition to a current (less than one year old) medical release form on file with Dr. Sargent.

No sports drinks, soft drinks, or energy drinks, please. Water only.

Awards acceptance team= student officers, captains, and section leaders, regardless of class standing.

All students must remain with the band at all times. No passes out of the event.

Thank you!
Dr. Sargent

Let me know if you have other questions.