Sunday, September 8, 2013

Chaperones-- Hayden Game

The following have signed up to chaperone for the Moody vs. Hayden game this Friday, September 13th. Students will remain at the band room after school and eat in the multipurpose room before loading the bus. Estimated departure time is 4:15. Anyone else wishing to serve as chaperone should contact Susan Littleton at to be placed on the list (if room still exists on the bus), but all parent chaperones should come prepared to work, including helping with all equipment, uniforms, first aid needs, roll call, water delivery to students, and any other needs that may arise. Thank you!

Chaperone List:
Susan Littleton

Lee Gurley
Melissa Adkins
Lisa Carpenter
Sandy Armstrong
Eric Littleton
Wes Harrell
Alice Freeman
Jimmy Freeman
Kevin Cowans
LeCrease Prescott
Ron Prescott
David & Shannon McCary- driving the band van