Friday, May 24, 2013

Unclaimed Instruments

The following students left instruments behind in the band room. These instruments should be claimed by 3:00 pm today, May 24th. Otherwise, please e-mail or call Dr. Sargent at or 640-1995 for an appointment to open the band room and retrieve your instrument for summer practicing. Because of a large number of beginners entering our program this fall, all cubby contents will be removed this summer to allow specific cubbies to be assigned to individual students. Neither Dr. Sargent nor the SCCBOE are responsible for any instruments or personal belongings left behind for the summer:

Brandan M.-- clarinet
Grant T.-- marching baritone
Jacob L.-- trumpet
Lake S.-- trumpet
Will C.-- sax/perc
Chris S.-- trombone
Adam K.-- trumpet
Savannah D.-- trombone
Jensen O.-- perc
Also: Getzen student model trumpet, black plastic case with flip folder, mostly 2nd and 3rd parts. No name on case or music.

Have a great summer! Happy practicing!