Thursday, March 7, 2013

All-County Band, Last-Minute Instructions

From Mr. Curren, Springville HS Band Director:

High School
We will park on the band practice field. It is right beside the band room in front of the Agi. green house. There is a ramp to get over the curb, signs to direct you and students to help direct traffic.

Middle School
Please drop off students at the front of the building in the circle. The students may walk through the building to get to the band room. Please do not try to park at the back of the building. The buses and one way streets make parking difficult.

All Students
Please wear comfortable clothes. Bring a pencil and if you have a folding stand that would be great to have and it would take the problem out of having to share a stand. Percussion please bring the appropriate sticks and mallets. Band students bring extra reeds, valve oil, mutes and everything that you might need to have a successful rehearsal.

Directors if you could all bring at least 5 stands we would have all the extra stands we need. We will have a hospitality room at both band rooms. Both clinicians will need our help through the day so please plan to come by when you can. I am still looking for some timps. for the middle school mine are un useable.

Thanks for helping make this a successful honor band

David Curren