Monday, January 28, 2013

Schedule for the Week of 1/28/13 Through 2/1/13

Monday, 1/28: Flute/Clarinet/Oboe Sectional 3:00-4:00
Tuesday, 1/29: Percussion Sectional 3:00-4:00
Wednesday, 1/30: No After School
Thursday, 1/31: Brass/Low WW Sectional 3:00-4:00; Auxiliary Interest Meeting 6:30 (mandatory)
Friday, 2/1: Spring Trip Deposit Deadline (forms in Yahoo Files and in Band Room); Conct. Band Re-Seat

The Yahoo Groups calendar has been updated. Please go to the link on our homepage and sign up to join the Moody Blue Devils Group. Click on "calendar" to view updates and upcoming events.