Sunday, November 4, 2012

Schedule for the Week of 11/5/12-11/9/12 and Passoff Information

Congratulations and thanks to all students, band boosters, and those who supported us through a successful marching band season! Following is a schedule for this week and some reminders and instructions on the new passoff seating system for all bands:

Monday, 11/5: Marching Band/Auxiliary Party 3:00-5:00, Football Stadium. Students desiring to stay for the party will remain/report to the band room at 3:00 and go with Dr. Sargent to the stadium. Please have all rides ready for pick-up at the stadium (not at the band room) NO LATER THAN 5:00 pm. Students who drive will be given an opportunity to transfer cars from MHS to the stadium after traffic has cleared. Help is needed from any parents/guardians able to attend.

Tuesday, 11/6: Percussion ensemble begins during 7th period band and continues until 4:00 pm. Please have all rides ready no later than 4:30.

Wednesday, 11/7: No after-school band

Thursday, 11/8: No after-school band

Friday, 11/9: No after-school band

Dr. Sargent has been assigned lunchroom supervision for each morning this week. As a result, the band room will not officially open until 7:45 each morning. After this week, the regular 7:30 opening time will resume.

Please remember: Band and auxiliaries will perform at MMS on 12/6 during the school day, on 12/8 in the Moody Christmas Parade, and on 12/13 in the Christmas concert. See details on the master schedule posted on Yahoo Groups (also sent home with all students last week).

Passoffs begin this week. Christmas concert seating arrangements based upon scale requirements will be posted as soon as all make-up performances are completed but no later than Monday evening, 11/5.

Following the Christmas concert, the band will be re-seated for MPA preparation and performance according to progress in weekly passoffs over the next several weeks, beginning with the progress made by students this week. Another re-seating will take place after MPA in anticipation of the spring concert, and following the spring concert, passoff records will determine section leader and section seating order for the fall 2013 marching season.

Students should "bank" passoffs each week to remain competitive at each re-seating time. Dr. Sargent is available at 7:30 each morning to hear passoffs in the band room, and an independent instructor will be available during each band class once per week to hear all students in turn during rehearsals.

Passoff Books: For wind instruments, progress is made in the following order: Essential Elements Book 1, Rubank Elementary, Rubank Intermediate, and then the Rubank Advanced method.

Percussionists progress through two separate texts simultaneously, gaining signatures in each book as lines are passed off. The progression for percussion begins with Alfred's Drum Method Books 1 and 2. Simultaneous work is accomplished in Fundamental Method for Mallets by Mitchell Peters.

All students should own the appropriate text by Tuesday, November 13th. A price list will be posted online soon, and students may purchase the books at the band room with funds made payable to the Moody Band Boosters. If you are uncertain of which method you should own, please see Dr. Sargent or e-mail for guidance.