Thursday, November 1, 2012

Concert Band Auditions/Passoff System

Several students have not yet taken the opportunity to play the concert band audition. The audition consists of three chromatically adjacent major scales played from memory. Tomorrow (Friday, 11/2/12) is the last day to audition before part assignments are made. Any students not having auditioned will be placed at the lower end of the section in alphabetical order by last name. Dr. Sargent is available in the band room beginning at 7:30 each morning to hear auditions.

After initial placement is established, all students will have a chance to advance according to progress in weekly passoffs. Please order your Rubank Elementary, Intermediate, or Advanced method books for this purpose. See Dr. Sargent for help with this. Percussionists will use a different method book for passoffs, separate from the Rubank method for winds. Again, see Dr. Sargent for information. Thank you!