Monday, November 5, 2012

Christmas Concert Band Results 2012

Moody Christmas Concert Band
Seating Placement Audition Results 2012

Students who did not play an audition are placed in alphabetical order by last name below those who auditioned. Following the Christmas concert, players will be re-seated according to accumulated progress in weekly pass-offs. Other re-seating dates will be announced over the course of the spring semester. Students are encouraged to prepare pass-offs as frequently as possible to maintain existing positions or to advance to higher positions within a section.

Jesslyn McC (principal 1st)
Amanda C (1st)
Mindy B (principal 2nd)
Jamie H (2nd)
Drew A (2nd/3rd)
Hannah B (2nd/3rd)
Shelby P (2nd/3rd)

Rose G

Soprano Clarinet
Hallie H (principal 1st)
Kayla C (1st)
Brandan M (principal 2nd)
Emily P (2nd)
Delaney H (principal 3rd)
Kaity N (3rd)
Taylor P (3rd)
Max S (3rd)
Madison S (3rd)

Bass Clarinet
Breeanna M
Brody P

Alto Saxophone
Nick A (1st)
Zach L (2nd)
Andrew D (2nd)
Raechel S (2nd)

Tenor Saxophone
Joel B

Baritone Saxophone
A.J. L

Andrew R (principal 1st)
Will McC (1st)
Scott C (principal 2nd)
Jeremy S (2nd)
Chris K (principal 3rd)
Seth G (3rd)
Adam K (3rd)
Jaysea A (TBD—See Horn Section) (3rd)
Amanda W (3rd)

Jon McG (1st)
Clay F (2nd)
Jaysea A (3rd/4th)

Max G (1st)
Gavin H (principal 2nd/1st)
Blake A (2nd/principal 2nd)
Lorna W (principal 3rd/2nd)
Savannah D (3rd)
Jonathan H (3rd)
Alex S (3rd)

Grant T

Todd T
Kaleb P

(All in alpha order by last name. Parts will be assigned in class, case-by-case. Section leader will be chosen after Christmas concert based upon pass-off progress)

Noelle B
Giorgia E
Danny G
Xiola H
Tera H
Chandler H
Will J
Elisabeth K
Evan McC
Kirstie N
Hunter R
Stefan S