Friday, October 5, 2012

Covered Bridge Marching Festival Saturday

An itinerary for the Covered Bridge Festival is found on a previous posting. Here are some additional details on the festival:

1. Parents or others who follow our buses/truck cannot park with our buses. Please follow signs to the school parking lots at Oneonta High School.

2. Students, bus/truck drivers, and chaperones will get a hand stamp at the registration area upon arrival. Chaperones are defined as those who have signed up in advance to ride the bus and are prepared for a day of work, including escorting students to and from vendors, concessions, and restrooms, assisting with first aid if needed, truck loading/unloading, uniform needs, and tending to the general well-being of ALL students while in the stadium and on the bus. Spectators who are not participating in this way are not considered chaperones.

3. Just as our band boosters have the monumental task of raising funds to support our band program, the Oneonta band boosters must use this festival as a fundraiser for their band. Please remember that all workers are volunteers. Have patience and treat them as you would want to be treated if you were in the same situation.

4. Only our appointed band representatives are to go onto the field for the awards ceremony.

5. Spectator parking is $4.00 and is available in the school parking lot or at the top of the hill adjacent to the stadium. (Map will be added to the Yahoo Groups files). A free shuttle bus service will be available all day and after the festival.

6. Stadium admission for spectators is $5.00. Children under 6 are free.

7. No outside food, drinks, or coolers are allowed in the stadium.

8. No confetti or silly string is allowed in the stadium.

9. We will remain in the stadium after our performance time (4:20) to eat dinner, visit vendors, and view other band performances. Students should bring some extra spending money for these needs.

10. The awards ceremony begins immediately after the UAB band performance at 8:00 pm, and then we depart. We should return to the Moody band room by 10:00 pm and will need to unload the truck completely. Please have rides ready at this time.

Other Questions? Contact Dr. Sargent at 640-1995 or