Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Concession Workers Needed

From Kim Bennett:
We just found out that Pinson's band will arrive at 5:30 PM ready to buy dinner from us at the concession stand!! This is great news for us, but I feel we need more volunteers to pull this off. I know some of you that signed up to work may not be able to arrive before 5 or 5:30 PM. To be prepared by 5:30 PM, I need workers there at 4 PM to begin all the prep and cooking! I am still in need of at least 5 more workers for the regular time (5 PM until the end of night). Those that have already signed up... please let me know if you can come early at 4 PM. If anyone can come early to help until those regularly scheduled arrive, please let me know that as well. I especially need people to grill and run the fryers!!

You can contact me by email at or phone/text at 205-914-3559.

I also need to know who is helping with funnel cakes, as I need to put your names on the list, so you get in free and don't have to pay parking!!

Here are the list of those that have volunteered to help this Friday night:

1. Ginger Sims
2. Tracey Garcia
3. Alecia Snyder
4. Jason Hopper
5. Ginger Freeman
6. April Price
7. Joe Gilliland
13. Kerry Nichols (early)
14. Stanley Sherrer - programs
15. Lynn Sherrer - programs

Thank you so much for making our concession stand a success!!

Kim Bennett