Friday, October 26, 2012

Concession Help Part II

Here is the list of those that I have down to work tonight! You must be on this list or you will have to pay parking and buy a ticket to get in the game!! Please let me know if your name is not on the list!! Note that some of you are on multiple lists as I divided the concession shift into 2 lists... early and regular time. If you any changes need to be made, please let me know ASAP!!

Also, as you can see I still have a few open spaces where I need workers. Please let me know if you can help out at any of these tasks!

Thanks so much for your help.
Kim Bennett

Working concessions at 4:00 PM (prep til 5:00 PM):

1. Jason Hopper
2. Pat Giles
3. Tina Stewart
4. Stephen Reese (grill)
5. Karen Reese
6. Elizabeth McGinnis
7. Misty Howard
8. Kerry Nichols
9. Belinda Rollins
10. Ronnie Adkins

Those working concessions during game (5:00 PM until game over and clean up):

1. Ginger Sims
2. Tracey Garcia
3. Alecia Snyder
4. Jason Hopper
5. Ginger Freeman
6. Pat Giles
7. Joe Gilliland
8. Terry McDowell
9. Tina Stewart
10. Stephen Reese (grill)

Those selling programs (be there by 5:30 PM):

1. Stanley Sherrer
2. Lynn Sherrer

Those helping with funnel cakes:

1. Ron Prescott (??)
2. Karen Reese
3. Ronnie Adkins