Thursday, October 25, 2012

Concession Help Needed

From Kim Bennett:
We just found out that Pinson's band will arrive at 5:30 PM ready to buy dinner from us at the concession stand!! This is great news for us, but I feel we need more volunteers to pull this off. I know some of you that signed up to work may not be able to arrive before 5 or 5:30 PM. To be prepared by 5:30 PM, I need workers there at 4 PM to begin all the prep and cooking! I am still in need of at least 5 more workers for the regular time (5 PM until the end of night). Those that have already signed up... please let me know if you can come early at 4 PM. If anyone can come early to help until those regularly scheduled arrive, please let me know that as well. I especially need people to grill and run the fryers!!

You can contact me by email at or phone/text at 205-914-3559.

I also need to know who is helping with funnel cakes, as I need to put your names on the list for parking.

Here is the list of those that have volunteered to help this Friday night:

1. Ginger Sims
2. Tracey Garcia
3. Alecia Snyder
4. Jason Hopper
5. Ginger Freeman
6. April Price
7. Joe Gilliland
13. Kerry Nichols (early)
14. Stanley Sherrer - programs
15. Lynn Sherrer - programs

Thank you so much for making our concession stand a success!!

Kim Bennett