Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Schedule This Week

3:00-5:00 Marching Band
6:00-8:00 Beginner Instrument Selection Night

No After School

3:00-5:00 Marching Band

Friday--MHS vs. Walker HS, Away
3:00-Students remain at the band room after school, dinner provided
4:00-Depart for Walker HS
11:30 pm-Return to band room, unload, dismiss. Have Rides Ready

Please remember: Parents and guardians of beginners may want to bring a checkbook or credit card Tuesday evening for an instrument deposit. All members: Fall semester school band fees ($20.00) are due by October 15. Make checks payable to Moody High School. Dr. Sargent will receipt all funds. Marching members should bring water and a change of clothes for band practice daily. Please have rides ready at dismissal times. Less than one month remains until contest. Attendance is crucial! Please schedule doctor, dentist, hair cuts, etc. on non-rehearsal days.

Thank you!