Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Band Shoe Pick-Up and Payment Deadline

Band shoes are now available in the band office. Please submit payment and pick up shoes by the end of rehearsal this Thursday, August 9. After Thursday, unclaimed and/or unpaid shoes will be returned to the dealer for a credit. Some students may have paid but did not receive shoes. Others may have paid and received shoes but are not credited below. Others may have left payments in the money box, of which Dr. Sargent is unaware. Please see the list below and communicate any corrections with Dr. Sargent at

Jamie H: unclaimed
Amanda C: unclaimed
Shelby P: unclaimed
Max S: paid but unclaimed
Brandon M: paid but unclaimed
Madison S: size ordered
Savannah D: surplus claimed
Kaity N: unclaimed
Brody P: received
Seth G: unclaimed
Grant T: received
Rachael S: unclaimed
Andrew D: received
Joel B: received
Jonathan H: size ordered
Blake A: unclaimed
Gavin H: unclaimed
Lorna W: size ordered
Giorgia E: unclaimed
Chandler H: unclaimed
Hunter R: received
Evan M: received
Will J: unclaimed