Friday, July 6, 2012

Leadership Workshop

The following officers and captains are receiving a scholarship from the band boosters to attend the Tim Lautzenheiser leadership workshop at Homewood High School on Saturday, July 14. The bus leaves the Moody band room at 7:00 am. After the workshop, we stop for a late lunch, then return to the band room by 3:00 pm. Names in brackets are those who have declined the scholarship and will not attend with us. If your name appears and you are unable to attend, please notify Dr. Sargent immediately at so a substitute can go in your place and the scholarship will not go to waste! Attendees: Andrew R, Scott C, [Breeanna M],Jaysea A, Kayla C, Giorgia E, Max G, Clay F, Jon McG, Danny G, [Claire C], Courtney F, Emilee H, Victoria D.