Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MES Percussion Ensemble Performance

On Thursday evening, March 15, band students who have been preparing solo and ensemble literature will have the opportunity to perform at Moody Elementary School for the annual art show. This is an optional performance and would require each student participating to provide for his or her own transportation.

This year, we are using a percussion ensemble. Students are asked to meet at the old MMS gym (connected to the current Moody Elementary School) at 4:45 pm on Thursday to move equipment from the van or truck into the gym before performances begin. Our performance time is set for 5:30-5:45. Afterward, we will load the truck again and meet at the band room to unload equipment before dismissal.

Because of the short time frame, parents and guardians are asked to please remain at the school during our performance so that students can have rides ready immediately. A delay in having a student picked up means a delay in returning equipment to the band room. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

Questions? Call Dr. Sargent today at the Moody Band Room: 640-1995, or send an e-mail to