Friday, December 16, 2011

End-of-Semester Round-up

Band: Great job at last night's concert! I'm proud of all of you! Let's get a few housekeeping items in order before you have a break:

1. Be sure to take your instrument home and practice during the break. All-state, solo and ensemble, EE books, and MPA material are just a few of the items to woodshed in your time off. Let's all come back as stronger players!

2. The contents of the band room lost-and-found bin will be donated to charity during the holidays. Please check the bin for your belongings before you leave!

3. Remove all personal items from the cubbies. A quick check of the cubbies this morning revealed everything from broken tubes of slide grease to VW hubcaps (mid-to-late 1960s vintage, I believe). Contents of cubbies also will be removed during the break.

Have a wonderful holiday! I'll see you on January 4th!

Dr. Sargent