Monday, December 5, 2011

All-State Registration for 2012

Any students wishing to audition for all-state band in January should send an e-mail to Dr. Sargent at by this Friday, 12/9/11 to indicate your interest. Please include your grade level in the e-mail and whether you wish to audition for junior high (grades 7-9) or high school (grades 9-12) all-state band.

The audition fee of $10.00 per student, made payable to the Moody Band Boosters,is due in the band room money box by this Friday, 12/9/11.

All-state band is sponsored by the ABA, a state-level organization. The organization offers no leniency on deadlines. Any student who fails to meet the deadline will be ineligible, so please communicate with Dr. Sargent now. Please do not assume Dr. Sargent will guess your intentions.

Thank you!