Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Midsouth Itinerary 2011

Moody Bands
Itinerary for Mid-South Competition
Saturday, September 24, 2011

12:00 noon Call time. Auxiliaries arrive in completed hair/makeup.

12:15 pm Breakfast for Lunch—provided by Horizon Church, MPR

12:45 pm Partial Loading, Pit Perc, Water on Band Van

1:00 pm Stretching, basics, warm-up, show review—Band Field

1:30 pm Retrieve uniforms, final loading, and departure for GCHS

2:45 pm Arrival at GCHS, registration, equipment transport to staging area

3:15 pm Warm-up in designated area

4:15 pm Moody Band Performs

4:30 pm Return to Buses, change clothes in designated changing rooms

5:00 pm Chaperoned groups to concessions from stands for supper/snacks

6:00 pm View Class AAAA Band Competition from stands

8:30 pm Awards Ceremony Begins

9:00 pm Board buses and depart for MHS

10:00 pm Arrive at MHS, unload, stow gear and uniforms, meet rides

Additional Notes:
• Each student should bring $5.00-$7.00 in spending money for concessions. More money is needed if T-shirts or other vendor items are desired.
• All students should bring a change of clothing for post-performance time in the stands. All clothing must meet MJHS and MHS dress codes.
• All members must ride the bus to and from the event and remain with the group for the duration of the event.
• All instruments and equipment should be complete and in good repair BEFORE the day of the event. On Saturday, there will be no time for last-minute repairs or modifications to equipment. Notify Dr. Sargent of problems NOW.
• When loading or unloading, EVERYONE HELPS! Listen and follow the instructions of the loading leaders on the van. Do not abandon empty cases in the parking lot, but return all empty cases to the van when instructed to do so. Be responsible for your gear!