Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Covered Bridge Festival Itinerary for Saturday, 10/1/11

Moody Band Itinerary: Covered Bridge Marching Festival, Oneonta, AL
Saturday, October 1, 2011

2:00 pm call time at the MHS band room. Be sure to eat lunch before arriving.

2:30 pm warm-up and walk-through of show in bibbers and shakos

3:00 pm board buses and depart for Oneonta

4:15 pm arrive at OHS stadium. Unload. Proceed to warm-up area

5:15 pm warm-up begins

5:45 pm proceed to staging area

6:00 pm performance

6:15 pm load band van, change out of uniforms, visit concessions

7:15 pm view 4A bands and exhibition bands

8:15 pm awards ceremony

9:15 pm depart for return trip to MHS

10:15 pm arrive and unload at MHS band room. Have rides ready.

Please Note:
• Each band member should bring $5.00-$7.00 for dinner at concessions. Bring more if T-shirts, DVDs, etc. are desired.
• Parents and others who follow the band in personal vehicles must park in the school parking lot. Only buses and the band van are permitted in the bus lot.
• Restrooms are available near the warm-up area for immediate needs upon arrival.
• Equipment trailers and drivers will be available to transport pit and other large equipment to the performance area
• Gadsden Music Company assists with emergency repairs only. Please do not save long-needed repairs for Saturday’s emergency tent!! Take care of repairs this week.
• Students are not to climb any fences.
• Restroom and concession visits should be completed in chaperoned groups before the exhibition bands perform. Proceeding directly to the buses allows us to get home as efficiently as possible at the conclusion of the evening.
• Bus and equipment drivers’ hospitality areas are separated from the directors’ area. Passes will be issued upon arrival.
• Spectator parking: $4.00. Spectator admission: $5.00. Children 6 and under are free
• No outside food, drinks, or coolers are permitted in the stadium
• No confetti or silly string allowed in the stadium
• Maps and directions are available in the MHS band room this week.