Friday, August 12, 2011

Rehearsal Absences

Because of a significant number of absences of late, and in fairness to those members who have faithfully attended rehearsals, any band or auxiliary member having missed evening practice on Thursday, 8/11/11, regardless of reason, will be required to pass-off the routine or show music for Dr. Sargent or individually perform the routine for the appropriate auxiliary sponsor by Tuesday, 8/16/11, at 5:00 pm.

Playing members involved will have the option of remaining after school on Monday, 8/15/11, to play and march drill sets for Dr. Sargent. Please notify Dr. Sargent in advance if this is your option of choice by e-mailing to

Any student failing to perform the pass-off successfully, as determined by the faculty member, will dress in the specified uniform and observe the halftime performance from the sideline at Thursday evening's jamboree game.

The goal of the band director and auxiliary sponsors is to produce a quality ensemble, capable of instilling pride in the community and serving as a worthwhile endeavor for all participants. This can only be accomplished with adequate attendance from all members. Every member of the ensemble is important. The cooperation of parents and students in this matter will be appreciated.

Dr. Sargent