Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DCI Trip-- Final Roster for 7/29/11

Band Trip to DCI Gadsden
Final Roster

Riding Bus from the MHS Band Room at 3:00:

Mr. Smith

Dr. Sargent
Mr. and Mrs. Parker
Mrs. Fuller
Nicole Whitfield

Jordan J
Jay F
Clay F
Hunter F
Giorgia E
Tyler J
Max G
Mandy W
Keyonna F
Sarah D
Victoria D
Gavin H
Hunter R
Taylor P
Kaleb P
Elisabeth K
Jon McG
Drew A
Blake A
Will McC
Xiola H
Lorna W
Jesslyn McC
Anita H
Kelsey A
Taylor (Danny) G
Jennifer D
Brandon M
Grant T
Adam K
Chris K
Rose G
Breeanna M
Kirstie N

Ticket Holders Not Riding Bus:
Will Gurley
Mr. and Mrs. McGinnis
Andrew McGinnis
Mitzi and Alan Thompson

Total on Bus: 40, incl. driver
Total off Bus: 6

Total tickets: 46

Students: All paperwork (Medical Release, Prescriber Authorization, Permission Form) must be submitted before boarding the bus.