Sunday, July 24, 2011

Band Camp Reminders

Please be reminded that roll call begins at 8:00 am tomorrow, 7/25/11. Be sure to bring lunch, plenty of water in a cooler, insulated thermos bottle, or Camelbak or similar hydration system. No sports drinks, soft drinks, or energy drinks are permitted at camp. Water only.

All students should bring a lunch and plan to eat in the MHS lunchroom. Students are not permitted to leave campus during camp.

Sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat, and insect repellent are recommended, in addition to close-toed shoes (tennis shoes) and socks. Playing members should wear white T-shirts with your name in permanent marker clearly visible on the front of the shirt, and dark athletic shorts (like Under-Armor). Auxiliaries have assigned camp uniforms.

Please see the detailed camp schedule as posted on Yahoo Groups for other information on camp, band photos, the DCI trip during camp, and the upcoming season.