Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Solo and Ensemble 2011

A message from our district vice-chairman:

The schedule for the Saturday, April 30th Solo & Ensemble Festival, held at Jacksonville High School, is listed below. Each school has been assigned a block of time. Instruct your students to perform for ANY AVAILABLE JUDGE during your block. Keep in mind that other schools will be playing during the same time so be patient. If one judge gets overloaded any waiting students will be instructed to play for another judge.

Directors will come to the registration area to pick up adjudication sheets then distribute to your students. Please keep a record of how many events you have that actually perform so you can check them off when the sheets are returned back to you.

At the end of your student’s performance block, directors can retrieve judge sheets and pay for medals in the registration area. If you choose to purchase your medals on site please have totals and money ready. Only the director will be able to purchase medals. We accept SCHOOL/ BAND BOOSTER CHECKS, or CASH ONLY. NO PERSONAL CHECKS.

BLOCK 1 9:00-9:55 White Plains MS/HS; Williams Intermediate; Duran South

Kitty Stone Elem.; Pleasant Valley; Brindlee Mtn.; Munford; Wellborn

BLOCK 2 10:00-10:55 Saks; Piedmont; Weaver; Oneonta; N. Jackson

BLOCK 3 11:00-11:55 Scottsboro; Sylvania; Plainview; Boaz; N. Sand Mtn.;

Cleburne Co.

12:00-12:30 JUDGE’S BREAK.

BLOCK 4 12:35-1:30 Alexandria; Southside; Ragland; Etowah

BLOCK 5 1:35-2:30 Ranburne; Oxford; Springville; Moody; Hokes Bluff

BLOCK 6 2:30-3:30 Cherokee Co.; Centre MS; Douglas; Ashville; Jacksonville;

Hayden; Albertville HS

Each block is jam-packed. Please have your students in place early so there is no wasted time. As soon as one student is finished have the next performer ready to move into the room. It is suggested that each director monitor the hallways to hold down noise and to assist with the flow.

Jacksonville HS Band Boosters will have concessions available. See you all on Saturday, April 30th.


David McDaniel