Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Music Performance Assessment

Music Performance Assessment for the concert band is this Friday, 2/25/11, at Gadsden City High School. High school students should plan to eat during first lunch immediately after 2nd block. Call time is 11:45 for a noon departure. Performance time is 2:00 pm. We will stop for an early supper and return to the band room by 5:30 pm. Please have rides ready at that time. All instruments will be stowed aboard the bus. No equipment trailer or truck will be used.

Be sure to take care of any uniform issues now, and remember to bring long black socks, band shoes, and appropriate undergarments for the uniform, including the current band T-shirt or a plain navy t-shirt and black athletic shorts. You may bring a change of clothes to be worn after our performance.

Parents or guardians interested in serving as chaperones on the trip should contact Dr. Sargent via e-mail at brad.sargent@sccboe.org. Please do not reply to Yahoo Groups. Thanks to all students for the hard work and dedication you have shown during the past several weeks in preparation for MPA. Let's do our best to make this year's program the best performance ever!

Best wishes,
Dr. Sargent