Monday, October 25, 2010

Rules for Chair Challenges

Moody Bands
Rules for Chair Challenges

Members of the band sit in concert chairs by an order based upon an audition on a specific day. We all have our good days and our bad ones, but with consistent practicing and director-guided learning, everyone can improve. Chair challenges between ensemble members offer an opportunity to advance within the section.

• No one is required to participate in a chair challenge. If someone seeks to challenge you, you may decline the challenge. If you refuse, however, you must swap chair positions with your challenger.
• Challenges will be held at the director’s discretion and at a mutually convenient time for all parties.

Here is how our challenge system works:
1. Students may move up or down one chair per challenge session. You may only challenge the person just ahead of you on the list (the chair next to you). To gain entry into an ensemble, you must begin by challenging the lowest position in your section.
2. Challengers must perform music chosen by the director. When a date and time are agreed upon by all parties, the director will supply challenge repertoire to both challengers within 48 hours.
3. The director’s decision is final. Any disruptions or rules broken during a challenge by anyone in the band room will result in a lost chair position. FOLLOW THE BAND ROOM PROCEDURES AND RULES!

Band students are not allowed to drop band over losing a challenge. Band is not a club but a class. The band director will always assist anyone asking for extra help.

Chair challenge periods are open at the director’s discretion and may be closed by the director at any time for any reason, including proximity to an upcoming performance or ensemble audition.