Monday, October 25, 2010

Jazz Band Audition Results 10/25/10

Moody Bands
Jazz Band Audition Results*
October 25, 2010
1. Tyler J+
1. Nathan D+
2. Scott C
3. Andrew R
4. Will McC
5. Hunter F
6. Chris K
7. Jon McG
8. Clay F
9. Nicole B
1. Laura E+
2. Max G
1. Will G+
1. Jay F
1. Xiola H
2. Tera H
3. Taylor G
*Note: Students not listed in the above roster did not audition for jazz band and will therefore be required to challenge for placement if admittance is desired. Rules for challenges will be placed on the website and distributed in hard copy during band class.

+Denotes lead players/section leaders.