Thursday, October 14, 2010

CORRECTED Pell City Itinerary for Saturday, 10/16/10

This is the CORRECTED version of our itinerary for Saturday. We were in the incorrect classification earlier, and I didn't catch it soon enough! This supersedes the previously released schedule. Please note new arrival and dismissal times:

Pell City Marching Festival
Itinerary for Moody Band

10:00 am Roll Call, Band Room
10:30 am Depart for PCHS
12:15 pm Warm-Up
12:35 pm Gate
12:40 pm Perform
1:00 pm Return to buses and truck in chaperoned groups to change, stow equipment. Seniors retain uniforms in bags. Return to stands and begin chaperoned trips to concessions,restrooms.
3:00 pm Seniors change into uniforms
3:40 pm Awards
4:00 pm Return to buses and depart
5:00 pm Arrive at MHS band room, unload, dismiss

Additional Notes:

Bring a change of clothes in compliance with MJHS and MHS dress codes. Be mindful of the weather.
Be sure to eat a late breakfast/brunch before arriving at the band room for roll call. We will not stop for lunch.
Bring some extra money for visits to the concessions or vendors after our performance. We will not stop for supper on the return trip.