Friday, October 29, 2010

Moody Oktoberfest Tomorrow, 10/30/10

Marching Band and Auxiliaries:
Reminder: Our mandatory Oktoberfest performance is tomorrow (Saturday) morning. Call time in the band room, 7:30 am. Performance 8:15. Return to the band room at 9:00 am to unload and dismiss.

See you there!

Dr. Sargent

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Grocery Bagging Fundraiser

This is from Ms. Thompson, band booster treasurer. Ms. Thompson reserved some dates for band members to raise money by sacking groceries at Food Giant. Pending booster approval, 70% earned goes to individual accounts. 30% of earnings goes to the booster general fund. Please read the schedule and take advantage of the opportunity at your parents'/guardians' discretion. More details will follow:

Reserved dates:

November 6 – Saturday

December 23 – Thursday before Christmas

January 22 – Saturday

February 5 – Saturday before Super Bowl

Monday, October 25, 2010

Rules for Chair Challenges

Moody Bands
Rules for Chair Challenges

Members of the band sit in concert chairs by an order based upon an audition on a specific day. We all have our good days and our bad ones, but with consistent practicing and director-guided learning, everyone can improve. Chair challenges between ensemble members offer an opportunity to advance within the section.

• No one is required to participate in a chair challenge. If someone seeks to challenge you, you may decline the challenge. If you refuse, however, you must swap chair positions with your challenger.
• Challenges will be held at the director’s discretion and at a mutually convenient time for all parties.

Here is how our challenge system works:
1. Students may move up or down one chair per challenge session. You may only challenge the person just ahead of you on the list (the chair next to you). To gain entry into an ensemble, you must begin by challenging the lowest position in your section.
2. Challengers must perform music chosen by the director. When a date and time are agreed upon by all parties, the director will supply challenge repertoire to both challengers within 48 hours.
3. The director’s decision is final. Any disruptions or rules broken during a challenge by anyone in the band room will result in a lost chair position. FOLLOW THE BAND ROOM PROCEDURES AND RULES!

Band students are not allowed to drop band over losing a challenge. Band is not a club but a class. The band director will always assist anyone asking for extra help.

Chair challenge periods are open at the director’s discretion and may be closed by the director at any time for any reason, including proximity to an upcoming performance or ensemble audition.

Jazz Band Audition Results 10/25/10

Moody Bands
Jazz Band Audition Results*
October 25, 2010
1. Tyler J+
1. Nathan D+
2. Scott C
3. Andrew R
4. Will McC
5. Hunter F
6. Chris K
7. Jon McG
8. Clay F
9. Nicole B
1. Laura E+
2. Max G
1. Will G+
1. Jay F
1. Xiola H
2. Tera H
3. Taylor G
*Note: Students not listed in the above roster did not audition for jazz band and will therefore be required to challenge for placement if admittance is desired. Rules for challenges will be placed on the website and distributed in hard copy during band class.

+Denotes lead players/section leaders.

Concert Band Audition Results 10/25/10

Moody Bands
Concert Band and Chair Placement Audition Results*
October 25, 2010
1. Jesslyn McC+
2. Erin M
3. Melissa S
4. Leah M (pending 7th period schedule change)
5. Hannah B
6. Drew A
7. Haley L
1. Andrew McG+
2. Anita H
3. Keyonna F (bass clarinet)
4. Breanna M
5. Sarah B
1. Tyler J+
1. Nathan D+
2. Scott C
3. Andrew R
4. Hannah M
5. Will McC
6. Hunter F
7. Chris K
1. Jon McG+
2. Clay F
3. Nicole B
1. Jay F+
2. Laura E
3. Max G
1. Will G+
1. John McC+
1. Giorgia E+
2. Xiola H
3. Kirstie N
4. Tera H
5. Sara D
6. Taylor G
*Note: Students registered for 7th period/4th block band but not listed in the above roster were absent from the 10/25/10 audition and will therefore be required to challenge for placement into the concert and/or jazz bands. Rules for chair challenges will be placed on the website and distributed in hard copy during band class on 10/26/10.

+Denotes principal players/section leaders.

Schedule for the Week of 10/25/10

10/25/10: Concert/Jazz and Chair Placement Auditions 3:00-4:00. Grades 8-12
10/26/10: Full Band and Auxiliaries 3:00-4:30
10/27/10: No After School Rehearsal
10/28/10: Football vs. Leeds at Home 7:00 pm. Call time 5:45 pm
10/29/10: Jazz Rehearsal 3:00-4:00
10/30/10: Moody Oktoberfest. Call time in band room: 7:30 am

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Senior Band and Auxiliary Members

Please check your name on the list of senior members below. If your name is missing, please notify Dr. Sargent immediately at We need to be sure you are recognized on senior night. Thank you!

Nicole B
Malachi C
Nathan D
Will G
Hannah M
Josh McC
Andrew McG
Jacob S
Laura E
Elise A
Kelsie C
Kayla K
Dakota K

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Band Letter Jackets

Band and auxiliaries,
A file has been posted to Yahoo Groups containing an order form for band letter jackets. A representative from the Neff company will be in the band room at 1:30 on Monday, October 25 to size jackets and take orders. I will place hard copies of the order forms in the band room today. Please note-- Purchasing a letter jacket is an option for students and parents. The letter jacket is not a required part of our uniform. Those who purchase jackets should deal directly with the Neff company.

If you desire to purchase a letter jacket, please follow the instructions on the order form and have checks ready for the representative on 10/25.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Rehearsal Schedule for October-December 2010

Moody Bands Rehearsal Schedule
October-December 2010

After-School Rehearsals apply to marching/concert band unless otherwise noted.

18 Percussion Sectional 3:00-4:30
19 All-State Passoffs 3:00-4:00; Band Boosters 6:30
20 No After-School
21 Marching Band, Auxiliaries, and Runners 3:00-5:00
22 Football vs. Chelsea at home, 7:00
25 Concert, Jazz, and Chair auditions 3:00-5:00
26 Marching Band, Auxiliaries, and Runners 3:00-5:00
27 No After-School
28 Football vs. Leeds at home, 7:00
29 Jazz Band 3:00-4:00
30 Oktoberfest. Call time at band room: 7:30 am

1 Percussion Sectional 3:00-4:30
2 Brass Sectional 3:00-4:00
3 No After-School
4 Woodwind Sectional 3:00-4:00
5 Jazz Band 3:00-4:00
8 Percussion Sectional 3:00-4:30
9 Brass Sectional 3:00-4:00
10 Woodwind Sectional 3:00-4:00
11-12 No School
15 Percussion Sectional 3:00-4:30
16 Brass Sectional 3:00-4:00; Boosters 6:30
17 No After-School
18 Woodwind Sectional 3:00-4:00
19 Jazz Band 3:00-4:00
22-26 No School
29 Percussion Sectional 3:00-4:30
30 Brass Sectional 3:00-4:00

1 No After-School
2 Woodwind Sectional 3:00-4:00
3 December Concert (All Bands) 7:00 pm, MHS Gym
7 Xmas Parade Rehearsal, full band, 3:00-5:00 pm
9 Xmas Parade Rehearsal, full band, 3:00-5:00 pm
10 TBA—please hold
11 Moody Xmas Parade 3:00 call time at band room
18 Xmas Parade Rain Date—Please save

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Queen of Hearts Meeting

There will be a short meeting for Queen of Hearts on Tuesday, 10/19/10 at 6pm prior to the booster meeting. The agenda will cover preliminary details on organizing the Queen of Hearts pageant. Please e-mail questions to Elizabeth McGinnis at

The Queen of Hearts pageant is a major fundraiser for the band boosters, so your attendance at the meeting is appreciated.

Thank you!

Dr. Sargent

Friday, October 15, 2010

Volunteer Needed

We are in need of a parent/guardian volunteer to pick up sandwiches at Chic-Fil-A in Leeds at 2:00 today and deliver to the band room to distribute to students as they leave the school after the parade. If you are available, please call the band room at 640-1995 and leave a message with your contact number. I will provide details then.

Thank you!

Dr. Sargent

Thursday, October 14, 2010

CORRECTED Pell City Itinerary for Saturday, 10/16/10

This is the CORRECTED version of our itinerary for Saturday. We were in the incorrect classification earlier, and I didn't catch it soon enough! This supersedes the previously released schedule. Please note new arrival and dismissal times:

Pell City Marching Festival
Itinerary for Moody Band

10:00 am Roll Call, Band Room
10:30 am Depart for PCHS
12:15 pm Warm-Up
12:35 pm Gate
12:40 pm Perform
1:00 pm Return to buses and truck in chaperoned groups to change, stow equipment. Seniors retain uniforms in bags. Return to stands and begin chaperoned trips to concessions,restrooms.
3:00 pm Seniors change into uniforms
3:40 pm Awards
4:00 pm Return to buses and depart
5:00 pm Arrive at MHS band room, unload, dismiss

Additional Notes:

Bring a change of clothes in compliance with MJHS and MHS dress codes. Be mindful of the weather.
Be sure to eat a late breakfast/brunch before arriving at the band room for roll call. We will not stop for lunch.
Bring some extra money for visits to the concessions or vendors after our performance. We will not stop for supper on the return trip.


Please disregard the Pell City Itinerary which was just posted moments ago. There has been an error in our classification. A corrected itinerary will be released shortly.

Dr. Sargent

Monday, October 11, 2010

Announcements and Schedule, Homecoming Week

Poinsettia Sale Deadline: October 20. Forms are available in the band room.

Concert Band, Jazz Band, and Chair Auditions after school on 10/25/10. Audition materials distributed today in class.

Moody Oktoberfest 10/30/10. Call time, band room, 7:30 am. Perform until 9:00 am, return to band room by 9:30.

After school rehearsals Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday of this week. Thursday's 4th block rehearsal will move to the stadium field.

Friday schedule: School dismisses at 12:00 noon. All marching members and chaperones report to the band room by 12:15. Buses leave for the parade by 12:45. Parade lineup at 1:00. Parade begins at 1:30. Return to band room by 2:30 and dismiss. Return to band room for roll call at 5:45. Alumni wishing to participate in stands at the game should sit in designated area. No school instruments are available for loan.

Pell City Marching Festival on Saturday, 10/16/10. Schedule will be posted as soon as it becomes available. Performance time is likely mid-afternoon.

December concert is scheduled for 12/5/10 in the MHS gym. Please note: only 3 weeks of actual rehearsal time between Leeds game and December concert. After-school sectional rehearsals begin during already-scheduled after-school rehearsal times and at TBA times in November. Schedule will be posted soon.

Kudos to all who attended the U.S. Marine Band concert Friday night! You experienced the best. I was glad to see you there!

Dr. Sargent

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Schedule for the Week of 10/04/10

Monday, 10/04/10: No after-school rehearsal

Tuesday, 10/05/10: MJHS Pep Rally; Marching Rehearsal 3:15-5:00

Wednesday, 10/06/10: No After-School Rehearsal

Thursday, 10/07/10: Marching Rehearsal 3:15-5:00

Friday, 10/08/10: MHS vs. Talladega, Away. Marching Band and Auxiliaries report to the band room at the 3:00 pm bell. Dinner served. Depart by 4:30. Return by 11:00 pm.

Homecoming Week Schedule Coming Soon!!