Saturday, September 25, 2010

Additional Thoughts and Reminders for Mid-South

Good morning band,

Our time in the stands today is likely to be spent in the sun and heat. Please come prepared. You are allowed and encouraged to pack sunglasses, a sun hat, and sunscreen. Your travel uniform should consist of the 2010 band t-shirt, shorts, jeans or khakis, socks, and tennis shoes. We will bring water with us but cannot carry an unlimited quantity. You may wish to bring a Camel-bak or thermos bottle (water only) for your personal use. We will have opportunities for chaperoned visits to the concession stands, so you may want to bring some extra spending money.

A reminder: We are attending the Mid-South festival as an ensemble on a board-approved field trip. As such, we function as a coherent unit. For your safety and for group solidarity, we remain together throughout the day. Any student wishing to deviate from our band's assigned location must do so only with the approval of a tagged chaperone, sponsor, or Dr. Sargent. Any student caught disobeying this rule is subject to consequences which may include placement on non-performing status or removal from the band or squad.

Let's work together to make today a successful, safe, and enjoyable experience. I look forward to seeing you in the band room at 11:30 sharp. Be sure to eat something before you arrive, and stay hydrated with plenty of water!

Dr. Sargent