Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Physicals-- Urgent!!

The following students must have a physical before participating in band camp. Please take care of this by summer band rehearsal this Thursday to avoid being benched at camp next week. I will double check the availibility of forms on the web and on Yahoo Groups. Forms also are available in the band room. Please call before you come to be sure the band room is open: 640-1995.

"Preparticipation Physical Evaluation" forms due Thursday, 7/15/10
Nicole B

Scott C
Malachi C
Sara D
Clay F
Jay F
Taylor G
Will G
Max G
Tera H
Justin H
Tyler J
Chris K
Haley L
Valerie Mc
Josh Mc
Will Mc
Jesslyn Mc
Andrew Mc
Jonathan Mc
Melani Mc
Alex Mc
Melina M
Erin M
Madison M
Andrew R
Melissa S
Jacob S
Stevie T
Lorna W