Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Medical Release Forms-- Urgent!

The following students need to fill out and submit forms titled "Band Student's Medical Release." These forms were provided when we had our big "Invest in the Blue" meeting in the spring and have been in the band room since. You may pick them up this Thursday evening at 6:00 practice, complete them, and turn them in before you leave. If we don't get these and other forms by Monday, we will not be able to have marching rehearsals next week! I know it's a pain to fill these out, but please get them in. I look forward to seeing you!

Band Student Medical Release Forms needed from the following:

Drew A

Keyonna F
Anita H
William J
Nicole B
Scott C
Malachi C
Sara D
Clay F
Jay F
Taylor G
Will G
Max G
Tera H
Justin H
Tyler J
Valerie Mc
Josh Mc
Will Mc
Jesslyn Mc
Andrew Mc
Jonathan Mc
Melani Mc
Alex Mc
Melina M
Madison M
Andrew R
Melissa S
Jacob S
Stevie T
Lorna W