Thursday, May 6, 2010

Relay for Life on Friday

Thank you for an excellent job this afternoon at the Nat'l. Day of Prayer event in Moody. I know many of you had to make sacrifices to be there, and then you put up with the heat, wind, and yet another day of moving and unloading equipment. I and many others appreciate your efforts. You all went the extra mile. Kudos!

We have one more event this week, and this one involves less equipment moving. Tomorrow, Friday, May 7, is the Relay for Life event at the MHS stadium. We will march one lap around the track to lead the survivor walk, playing the fight song as we go. Call time at the stadium is 6:30 pm. We start marching at 7:00 pm and will finish everything, including band van unloading at the band room, by 7:30. Please arrange rides accordingly. Having a conflict with this performance? Excused absence forms are on the table in the band room. Please communicate with me-- early and often.

Relay for Life Procedures:
4th block/7th period band: Rehearse the 2010 fall show and fight song in the band room, then load marching equipment onto the band van. Take personal instruments with you when the bell rings at 3:00. The band room will be locked after school AND WILL NOT BE REOPENED AGAIN PRIOR TO THE EVENT.

SENIORS: Senior breakfast in the morning is not a free pass to skip a day from school. Nevertheless, I know what you're up to, so let's compromise: After breakfast, come to the band room to retrieve your instrument, then do whatever you're going to do for the day. Please do not show up at the stadium at 6:30 and ask me to open the band room for you. I will not do it. Be responsible.

6:30 pm: call time at the stadium. I will park and open the band van at the stadium at 6:15. Please do not ask to return to the band room for equipment. The band room will be locked, I will not be there, I will not loan you my keys, and we will not return until after the event. Remember, you took what you needed and/or loaded what you needed onto the band van before you left school, right?

7:00 pm: Survivor Walk

7:30 pm: Unload band van at the band room-- everybody helps! Stow equipment properly. Go home and have a good weekend. Solo and Ensemble is tomorrow (Saturday) morning at Jacksonville HS. See my next message!

Dr. Sargent