Thursday, May 27, 2010

Free Pair of Marching Shoes

For those in the winds or percussion who need a pair of band shoes, I will order one free pair for the first responder to this message. Respond to with your name and shoe size. Please do not respond to the list or to the gmail address.

Dr. Sargent

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Band Rehearsal Thursday, 5/27/10, 6:00-8:00 pm

Band and Auxiliaries,
Please remember our rehearsal scheduled for Thursday, 5/27 at 6:00 pm. I look forward to seeing you at the band room!

Dr. Sargent

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Senior Gift Bags

Graduating Seniors,
If you did not pick up a senior gift bag at the banquet (football program book, other memorabilia), please come by the band room. The bags are on the table just inside the door. E-mail me in advance to be sure I will be here when you arrive:

Dr. Sargent


For those who have paid activity fees and other fees and have not received a receipt, the receipts are available. Please plan to get those this Thursday, 5/27, at summer band/auxiliary rehearsal, 6:00-8:00 pm. Otherwise, if I am available in the band room during each day, I will provide your receipt.

Receipts available for the following persons:
Mindy B.
Victoria B.
Amanda W. (2)
Kirstie N.
Keyonna F.
Danyale M.
Anita H.
Mathew J.
Kayla K.
Hannah Be.
Jennifer D.
Giorgia E.
Kayla J.
Devin T.
Loren H.
Sharon O.
Erin M.
Alonna C.
Donna T.

Solo and Ensemble Medals

Medals have arrived for those who scored a superior rating at solo and ensemble. Be sure to pick those up at our summer band rehearsal this Thursday, 5/27/10, 6:00-8:00 pm.

Medal winners:
Jay F. solo
Clay F. and Scott C. duet
Clay F. solo
Andrew R. solo

Thank you!
Dr. Sargent

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Band Banquet

Many thanks to all who helped organize, provide food and drink, and otherwise make last night's band banquet a success. I enjoyed the opportunity to recognize our many deserving students on their accomplishments and honors from our year together. If you were unable to attend last night's banquet, please stop by the band room or contact me so that I might get your certificates and other awards to you.

I realized too late in the evening that I neglected to give adequate recognition to an important and valued component of our band auxiliary: our majorettes. Claire C., Dakota K., Payton W., and Emily A. have been with us every step of the way throughout the year, and I plan to recognize them more equitably at the next opportunity. Please convey to them your appreciation, and I apologize for my oversight.

With kindest regards,
Dr. Sargent

Percussion Assignments

I am continuing to work on percussion assignments this morning. I apologize for the delays and am working to be sure we balance the best possible outcome for the band and the needs and desires each of you have for your role in the section. Please allow me some time to consult with our prospective camp percussion instructor during the day today, and I will post as soon as possible. I want to ensure that I give each of you the best chance for success, and that takes time.

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Sargent

Friday, May 14, 2010

Band Banquet Tonight 7:00 pm

The band banquet is at 7:00 tonight. The 6:00 posting from the automatic Yahoo Groups notification was incorrect. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused. We'll see you at 7:00 pm!

Dr. Sargent

Friday, May 7, 2010

Marching Show "West Side Story" .mp3 link

Here is a link to the marching show "West Side Story" .mp3 for 2010. You can download by right clicking and choosing "save as". You can play this on your favorite mp3 player or burn this track onto a CD. If this link stops working, please email me and I will post a new link.

Relay for Life Parking

Relay for Life Band:
It is now 5:15 pm, and parking is getting tight for Relay for Life. I have not been given instructions for band parking or access, so I am sending these guidelines to help you get here in the best way under the circumstances. As you drive onto campus, please tell the parking personnel that you are with the band. Request to drive around as though you were going to the band practice field. Park in the "pit" parking adjacent to the band field and follow the sidewalk to the stadium with your instrument (no case). Please do not walk across the newly seeded band field, and remember, the band room will be locked.

The band van will be parked near the football team's entrance to the stadium. You may unload your large instruments there and proceed into the stadium. Remember, when we finish, the instruments go back into the van. Help is needed to unload at the band room.

Thank you all for going above and beyond the call this semester. I look forward to seeing you at 6:30.

Dr. Sargent

Crimson Music Camp

The following message was sent to me by the Associate Director of Bands at the U of A. I'm just passing it along for those who are interested. This is not a part of our band camp or a Moody band requirement. This is entirely your option.


Dr. Sargent

The message from Mr. Coleman:

I hope you are enjoying the spring semester and your concert preparation, auditions and tryouts are going well! I just wanted to take a moment to ask that you remind your students that the Crimson Music Camp registration will be open until May 14 for Jazz and Double Reeds and May 28 for Concert Band and Piano. Please encourage your students to register as soon as they can for these exciting opportunities. I have attached a flyer to this email, and you can also find all the information on our new University Bands website at

(if you would like a flyer for Crimson Camp, please click on the following link):

Randall O. Coleman
Associate Director of Bands
Assistant Professor of Music
The University of Alabama
Box 870368
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35487
Office: 205-348-6068
Fax: 205-348-0401

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Invest in the Blue

The Invest-in-the-Blue deadline has been extended from tomorrow, 5/7/10 until next Tuesday, 5/11/10. The best way to submit your payment is by attending the band booster meeting in the band room at 6:30 next Tuesday evening. The second best way to submit your payment is to place it in a sealed envelope and to bring it to the band room during the school day tomorrow or next Tuesday.

I hope the project has meant substantial savings for you and maybe even a good start on next year's spring trip. Many thanks to Mr. A for putting it all together for us!

Dr. Sargent

Band Activity Fees

Activity fees are due for spring semester. Keep your record (and graduation candidacy) in the clear by keeping your activity fee up to date. A check or cash in the amount of $20.00 made payable to Moody High School is required for each semester you are enrolled in band.

As soon as I am able, I will send out reminders to those who still owe the activity fee.


Dr. Sargent

2010 Marching Show Recordings

2010-2011 Band Members:

Some of you have had trouble finding the page containing the recordings of our 2010 show. Please follow these directions to get there successfully, and yes, PLEASE LISTEN TO THE RECORDINGS! Remember, the first person to figure out how to successfully download these to a CD wins! The publisher tells me it IS possible.

1. Go to the following web page:

2. SCROLL DOWN until you see "West Side Story," arranged by Jay Dawson.

3. Use your mouse to push the "play" button.

4. Listen with sheet music in hand.

5. Practice your part.

6. Repeat.

Have fun!

Dr. Sargent

Solo and Ensemble

Registered Solo and Ensemble Participants:

Saturday morning is the solo and ensemble festival at Jacksonville High School. Students and parents are responsible for transportation to the event. Our time slot is 9:00-10:00 am. It's best to arrive early and plan to play in succession without breaks between players. I will be on site to assist you if needed. We will need to meet at the registration area as a group. Look for me just prior to 9:00 am.

Be sure to have one copy of your music for yourself and one copy for the judge. Allow me to help you with that during band on Friday. Be sure to get a copy of the procedures from me during band on Friday as well.

Need directions? Here's the link (copy and paste into your browser if necessary):

It's over an hour's drive, so plan to leave by 7:30 am on Saturday to have adequate warm-up and registration time before our 9:00 call.

Let me know if you have questions. I look forward to seeing you there!

Dr. Sargent

Relay for Life on Friday

Thank you for an excellent job this afternoon at the Nat'l. Day of Prayer event in Moody. I know many of you had to make sacrifices to be there, and then you put up with the heat, wind, and yet another day of moving and unloading equipment. I and many others appreciate your efforts. You all went the extra mile. Kudos!

We have one more event this week, and this one involves less equipment moving. Tomorrow, Friday, May 7, is the Relay for Life event at the MHS stadium. We will march one lap around the track to lead the survivor walk, playing the fight song as we go. Call time at the stadium is 6:30 pm. We start marching at 7:00 pm and will finish everything, including band van unloading at the band room, by 7:30. Please arrange rides accordingly. Having a conflict with this performance? Excused absence forms are on the table in the band room. Please communicate with me-- early and often.

Relay for Life Procedures:
4th block/7th period band: Rehearse the 2010 fall show and fight song in the band room, then load marching equipment onto the band van. Take personal instruments with you when the bell rings at 3:00. The band room will be locked after school AND WILL NOT BE REOPENED AGAIN PRIOR TO THE EVENT.

SENIORS: Senior breakfast in the morning is not a free pass to skip a day from school. Nevertheless, I know what you're up to, so let's compromise: After breakfast, come to the band room to retrieve your instrument, then do whatever you're going to do for the day. Please do not show up at the stadium at 6:30 and ask me to open the band room for you. I will not do it. Be responsible.

6:30 pm: call time at the stadium. I will park and open the band van at the stadium at 6:15. Please do not ask to return to the band room for equipment. The band room will be locked, I will not be there, I will not loan you my keys, and we will not return until after the event. Remember, you took what you needed and/or loaded what you needed onto the band van before you left school, right?

7:00 pm: Survivor Walk

7:30 pm: Unload band van at the band room-- everybody helps! Stow equipment properly. Go home and have a good weekend. Solo and Ensemble is tomorrow (Saturday) morning at Jacksonville HS. See my next message!

Dr. Sargent

Chaperones Needed

If you are interested and available to chaperone on the bus and offer some assistance with equipment loading and unloading for our short trip to Moody City Park this afternoon, please let me know. We could use one or two chaperones.

Thank you!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Marcher Confirmations

All marchers who are not graduating seniors are assumed to be members of the 2010-2011 marching and concert bands, including rising 8th graders (current 7th graders) who successfully auditioned to "march up" next fall. Confirmation forms will be distributed and collected in band class this week to verify numbers for drill design and other planning. Please speak with Dr. Sargent IMMEDIATELY if incorrect assumptions have been made about your status. Your fellow band members are counting on you! 

Summer Band Reminder

Our first summer band music rehearsal for the upcoming marching season will take place on Thursday, May 27, 2010 from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm in the band room. All band members are expected to attend at least three out of four evening rehearsals throughout the summer. This is your chance to get your music in top shape before marching begins. Summer band evenings also mark due dates for band camp fees (1/4 of the total payment is due by each evening rehearsal).

All the best,

Dr. Sargent

Graduation Reminders

Graduation band will be comprised of selected 10th (tentative), selected 11th, and all 12th grade band members. A detailed list of all students involved will be distributed in band class. A tentative schedule follows:

Graduation Rehearsal, Monday 5/17/10:
8:15 am-- buses leave MHS for graduation rehearsal at the Church at Brook Hills. Band members mentioned above will travel to the rehearsal together by bus. The band van, if necessary, will be loaded during band class on Friday, 5/14. Program: Alma Mater. Details: TBA

Graduation Ceremony, Tuesday, 5/18/10:
Call Time 6:30 pm, The Church at Brook Hills
Ceremony 7:00 pm
Dress: Your "Sunday best"


Dr. Sargent

Solo and Ensemble Reminders

Solo and Ensemble Participants:

The Solo and Ensemble festival is this Saturday, 5/8/10 at Jacksonville High School. Moody band members have been scheduled to perform from 9:00 am until 10:00 am. Please plan to arrive early to get your performance time. Informational memos with all details are available from Dr. Sargent in the band room.

Thank you,
Dr. Sargent

Invest in the Blue-- Deadline Extended

To all band members:
The Invest in the Blue deadline has now been extended from this Friday, May 7 until next Tuesday, May 11. The new due date coincides with our rescheduled band booster meeting at 6:30 pm. Submit your Invest-in-the-Blue funds during your band class, or better yet, bring them to the band booster meeting that evening!

Note: Please follow all instructions from your Invest-in-the-Blue packet. Any unsold certificates should be returned.

See you then!

Dr. Sargent

Band Banquet Reservation Forms

All band banquet reservation forms are due tomorrow, 5/4/10. If you are going to miss the deadline by a day or two, please let me know so that we can still plan for your attendance. The banquet is in the school lunch room on 5/14/10. The potluck dinner begins at 7:00 pm, awards at 8:00 pm, and the dance at 9:00 pm. Please have rides ready by 10:00 pm. Dress may range from casual to semi-formal, your choice.

Kindest regards,

Dr. Sargent

Relay for Life

The Relay for Life ceremony is this Friday, 5/7/10, at 7:00 pm in the MHS football stadium. We will be leading the survivors' walk around the track by playing the school fight song. We will rehearse for this event during 4th block/ 7th period band on Wednesday, weather permitting. Here is a tentative schedule:

Friday, 5/7/10
4th block/7th period-- parade rehearsal and load band van
3:00 pm-- dismissal from school as usual
6:30 pm-- call time at stadium. Retrieve instruments from band van, warm-up, proceed to staging area (TBA)
7:00 pm-- survivors walk begins. One lap around stadium track.
7:45 pm-- equipment crew unloads band at band room after ceremony. All dismissed.
Dress: travel uniform (band T-shirt, khaki pants or jeans, tennis shoes).

See you there!

Dr. Sargent

Nat'l Day of Prayer Performance

Concert Band Members and Parents:
Following is a tentative schedule for our performance at the Moody City Park on Thursday, 5/6/10. All band members participating should plan to stay at the band room after school. Bring a change of clothes (same as spring concert attire) and bring something to read or study. We will load the band van (instruments and stands) and my pickup truck (chairs) after school.

Tentative Schedule:
4:00 pm-- Load Bus, Roll Call, Depart MHS band room
4:20 pm-- Set up, Warm up, Tune up at Moody Park
5:00 pm-- Concert Begins: SSB, Sovereign Variants, Irish Folk Songs, March, Dixieland Jazz Funeral, Alma Mater
5:30 pm-- Eat BBQ Dinner at park
6:00 pm-- Load and return to MHS band room
6:15 pm-- Arrive, unload van and truck, have rides ready

Let me know if you have questions. Excuse request forms are available on the table in the band room and are due by 8:00 am on Wednesday.

Thank you!

Dr. Sargent

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Solo and Ensemble

Solo and Ensemble participants:

We have another passoff day this coming Wednesday after school. We won't stay past 4:00. Our time slot on May 8 at Jacksonville High School will be 9:00-10:00 am. Please see me for a copy of the memo from our district vice-chairman.


Dr. Sargent

Band Field Work Day Participants-- Thank You!!

A big thanks goes out to all who came to work on the band field this morning. Your efforts will pay off in a smoother (and much safer) practice field. I was encouraged by all the participants who were there to lend a hand.

Thanks also to those who stayed to make improvements in the auxiliary room. I can't wait to see it on Monday.

We have a few more events coming soon. I will send details on each as soon as possible.

Gratefully yours,

Dr. Sargent