Friday, March 16, 2018

Auxiliary and Drum Major Comprehensive Results 2018-2019 Season

Ashley A Band Drum Major
Kara C Dance  
Kame E Dance  
Lainey F Dance  
Emma G Dance  
Erika J Dance  
Kaitlyn Q Dance  
MiKayla S Dance Captain
Kirsten S Dance  
Autumn T Dance  
Summer A Guard  
Hayley C Guard  
Sam D Guard  
Haley E Guard  
Addison G Guard  
Alexis H Guard  
Cameryn K Guard  
Lauren K Guard  
Savannah M Guard  
Aurora M Guard  
Bailey McL Guard  
Abby M Guard Captain
Amelia R Guard  
Ila S Guard  
Marissa S Guard  
Mattie S Guard  
Sophie V Guard  
Emma B Majorette  
Aleya Grace G Majorette Captain
Grace J Majorette  

Friday, March 17, 2017

2017-2018 Drum Major Final Result

2017-2018 Drum Major:
Ashley A.

2017-2018 Auxiliary Comprehensive Results

G, Emma Dance
Q, Laura Dance
S, MiKayla Dance
T, Autumn Dance
W, Lauren Dance
C, Charley (Captain) Dance
C, Anna Guard
C, Hayley Guard
D, Samantha Guard
G, Addison Guard
H, Alexis Guard
H, Kaylee Guard
J, Erika Guard
K, Cameryn (Captain) Guard
L, Olivia Guard
M, Katelyn Guard
M, Savannah Guard
M, Toni Amanda Guard
M, Abby Guard
R, Amelia Guard
S, Marissa Guard
S, Mattie (Captain) Guard
S, Breanna Guard
B, Emma Majorette
C, Megan Majorette
G, Aleya Majorette
J, Grace Majorette
W, McClain (Captain) Majorette 

Friday, March 10, 2017

2017-2018 Colorguard Tryout Results Week 1

B, Emma
C, Charley
C, Megan
C, Anna
C, Hayley
D, Samantha
G, Emma
G, Aleya
G, Addison
H, Alexis
H, Kaylee
J, Erika
J, Grace
K, Cameryn (Captain)
L, Olivia
M, Katelyn
M, Savannah
M, Toni Amanda
M, Abby
Q, Laura
R, Amelia
S, MiKayla
S, Marissa
S, Mattie (Captain)
S, Breanna
T, Autumn
W, McClain
W, Lauren

Monday, May 2, 2016

Banquet Award Nominations 2016

Nominate Students for the 2016 Band Banquet Awards here:

Nominations are due by Friday, May 6th, 2016
One nomination form per student. Use your Charms student ID for access to the form
If you need your Charms ID, email to ask for it.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Auxiliary and Drum Major Tryout Results 2016 (Comprehensive)

Auxiliary and Drum Major Tryout Results 2016 (Comprehensive)
Drum Major:
Joel B

Dance Line:
Charley C
Emma G
Trakelia H
Megan M (Captain)
Kaleigh P (Captain)
Laura Q
Mikayla S
Autumn T

Amanda C (Captain)
Megan C
Aleya G
Hannah H
Rachael S
McClain W

Color Guard:
Emma B
Micah C
Anna C
Hayley C
Angel G
Emily G
Addison G
Alexis H
Kaylee H
Cameryn K
Katelyn M
Savannah M
ToniAmanda M
Abby M
Jordan P
Amelia R
Alexis S
Madison S
Mattie S
Rachel W (Captain)
Olivia W (Captain)






Friday, April 10, 2015

Comprehensive Results for Auxiliary and Drum Major Tryouts for 2015-2016 Season

Dance Line Majorette Color Guard Drum Major
C, Charley C, Amanda (Captain) B, Emma P, Kaleb
G, Taylor (Captain) C, Megan C, Kasey (Captain)
M, Meagan G, Aleya C, Anna
P, Kaleigh H, Hannah F, Haleigh
Q, Laura S, Rachael G, Angel
W, McClain G, Addison
H, Kaylee
K, Cameryn
M, Savannah
M, Toni Amanda
P, Emily
P, Jordan
S, Alexis
S, Madison
S, Mattie
W, Rachel
W, Olivia

Friday, March 20, 2015

Colorguard Tryout Results 2015

B, Emma
C, Amanda
C, Kasey (Captain)
C, Charley
C, Megan
C, Anna
F, Haleigh
G, Taylor
G, Angel
G, Aleya
G, Addison
H, Kaylee
H, Hannah
K, Cameryn
M, Savannah
M, Toni Amanda
M, Meagan
P, Kaleigh
P, Hannah
P, Emily
P, Jordan
Q, Laura
S, Alexis
S, Rachael
S, Madison
S, Mattie
W, Rachel
W, McClain
W, Olivia

Monday, October 20, 2014

MJHS Band Newsletter

Moody Band Upcoming Events 2014


Charms Band Management System: Our band program has adopted the use of a band management system called Charms Office. This online program will allow you to keep tabs on your student’s band uniform, band account, instrument inventory, music, upcoming events, and much more. I will begin posting more information in the coming days and weeks through the Charms system. Please go to, enter the Login area, enter MoodyBand, and enter your student’s ID. You may obtain this by emailing me at with “Charms” in the subject line. Please fill in as much information as possible after you’ve logged into the system.


Cookie Dough Sale: Brochures have been sent home with students for the cookie dough sale fundraiser. 50% of profits go into individual student accounts, and 50% of profits go toward the band booster general fund for band operating expenses. Paid orders are due at the band room by October 28. Order distribution is scheduled to begin on November 18. All orders should be distributed before Thanksgiving break.


In-School Concert: Want to know what a typical day in the band room is like? Do you hear your student practicing at home and wonder how we put it all together in a class period and make it sound like music? Come out to our in-school concert during Beginner Band and Intermediate Band to hear just how we do it. Come to the band room on Thursday, November 6 during your student’s band time to find out! (beginners 2nd period, 8:45-9:45; intermediates 3rd period, 9:45-10:45). Please sign in at the MJHS office when you arrive.


Intermediate Band Side-by-Side with the MHS marching band: Moody HS vs. Lincoln HS home football game, Friday, October 24. Intermediate band members will have a chance to play side-by-side with our high school marching band, including our pre-game march from the band room, stand tunes during the game, and our return to the band room at the end of the evening. The uniform for intermediate members who are not already marching members: Moody Band polo shirt, jeans, sneakers.

5:30 pm: Roll call at the band room

6:15 pm: March to stadium

6:40 pm: Senior night and pregame activities

7:00 pm: Kickoff

10:30 pm: Return to band room and have rides ready to go


Please Note: Every student participating in the side-by-side MUST HAVE a completed medical release form submitted to Dr. Sargent before Friday, October 24 to be eligible to participate.  


Christmas Concert: Includes Beginner, Intermediate, and High School bands. The date of the event has been rescheduled and will now take place on Tuesday, December 16 at 7:00 pm in the MHS gym. Admission is the donation of a new, unwrapped toy to benefit the Moody Fire Department’s toy drive. Volunteers are needed to help chaperone, hand out programs, and to deliver donations at the conclusion of the concert. Sign up to help on the interactive calendar at by using MoodyBand and your student ID at the login area.


Band Booster Meeting: Tuesday, October 21, 6:30 pm, Band Room. Please Come!!!



Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Charms Office Instructions

Dear Parents and Students:

I'm excited to announce our adoption of an online, whole band management system called Charms Office. Although I'm still working to set up the system, build an interactive calendar, and set up payment options for fees and trips, parents and students will eventually be able to use the site as a one-stop shop to pay band fees, purchase supplies, pay for trips, check student account balances, volunteer to help with events, manage uniforms, music needs, instrument inventory, view an interactive online band calendar, and even complete forms electronically.

I ask that you take a few minutes to log into the system to set up your account as soon as possible, but no later than October 15th. Please supply as much information as possible, including parent and emergency contact info.

1. To get started, e-mail me at with "Charms" in the subject line to get your student ID number. I have created a temporary ID number for every student in our program. After you have logged in, you can change your student ID to a secure password of your choice.

2. Go to and click the Login icon at the top right to login as a student or parent member.

3. Enter the school code MoodyBand in the parent-student section of the website. This is case-sensitive, so please type the phrase exactly as it appears here.

4. View your personal information by entering your student ID number (see #1 above).

5. Go to "update info" and "add adult" to enter or update parent information on your student, including emergency contact numbers, addresses, etc.

6. When you are finished entering information, click "update" and you're finished.

7. While you're in the program, please browse the features and familiarize yourself with them. I think you'll be pleased with the enhanced communication the program will allow for our parents and students.

Technical Support: If you need help while in the program, first click the Help(?) icon on any screen. Contact Support at If the live support button is blinking, support staff is online to help with any difficulty in real time.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Huntingdon College Marching Honor Band

Please read the email below from Eddy Williams and Adam Murphy at Huntingdon College.
Hello friends,
The deadline for Huntingdon College's Marching Honor Band is approaching fast! Applications are due by of Monday, October 6th. Students can go online to our website - - to apply for free. It is also FREE to participate in our Marching Honor Band, which takes place on Saturday, October 25th.
Before we make selections, we will e-mail all band directors a list of their applied students for participation approval, to make sure they are in good standing in your program.
Once your approvals have been collected, we will post the list of acceptances on that same website during the week of October 6-10. There, students will also find information of what to bring, a schedule of events, etc.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall Schedule Update

MHS Band Calendar for Fall 2014
Dates and Times Subject to Change


Monday, 29 September: guard practice, band field, 3-5 pm

Tuesday, 30 September: St. Clair County Band Expo makeup date (see detailed schedule)

Wednesday, 1 October: full band rehearsal, 3-5 pm, band field

Thursday, 2 October: full band rehearsal, 3-5 pm, band field

Friday, 3 October: football vs. SCCHS at home, plus school-day pep rally (see detailed schedule)

Saturday, 4 October: Sparks in the Park contest, Spain Park High School (see detailed schedule)

Monday, 6 October: No after-school band

Tuesday, 7 October: full band rehearsal, 3-4:30 pm (Please note new dismissal time)

Wednesday, 8 October: No after-school band

Thursday, 9 October: full band rehearsal, 3-4:30 pm

Friday, 10 October: Football vs. Anniston (Homecoming) with pep rally, parade, and early dismissal (see detailed schedule)

Monday and Tuesday, 13-14 October: Fall Break. No band activities

Wednesday, 15 October: Cookie Dough fundraiser begins (details TBA)

Thursday, 16 October: full band rehearsal 3-4:30 pm

Friday, 17 October: Football vs. Alexandria (away). (see detailed schedule)

Saturday, 18 October: Pumpkin Patch fundraiser, band field (details TBA)

Tuesday, 21 October: full band rehearsal 3-4:30

Tuesday, 21 October: Band Boosters meeting 6:30 pm, band room

Thursday, 23 October: full band rehearsal 3-4:30

Friday, 24 October: Football vs. Lincoln at home with school-day pep rally: Senior Night and MJHS Band Side-by-Side (details TBA)

Saturday, 25 October: Pumpkin Patch fundraiser, band field (details TBA)

Tuesday, 28 October: Cookie Dough Orders Due!!

Tuesday, 28 October: full band, 3-4:30 pm

Thursday, 30 October: full band, 3-4:30 pm

Friday, 31 October: Football vs. Arab, away (see detailed schedule)

Friday, 7 November: Potential football playoff? (TBA)

After-school rehearsals in November will be kept to a minimum (any details TBA)

Friday, 5 December: Moody Bands Christmas Concert, 7:00 pm, MHS gym (see detailed schedule)

Tuesday, 9 December: Parade Rehearsal, 3-4 pm, full band and auxiliaries

Thursday, 11 December: Parade Rehearsal, 3-4 pm, full band and auxiliaries

Saturday, 13 December: Moody Christmas Parade (see detailed schedule)

January TBA: Parent/Student interest meeting for auxiliary tryouts

Saturday, 17 January: All-State Band Auditions, Albertville HS

Tuesday, 20 January: Band Boosters 6:30 pm

Tuesday, 17 February: Band Boosters 6:30 pm

Wednesday-Friday, 25-27 February, MPA, Gadsden City HS

March-April TBA: Auxiliary and drum major tryouts

Friday-Saturday, 6-7 March: District II Honor Band, Albertville HS

March 13-16: Chicago St. Patrick’s Day parade trip (see detailed schedule)

April 16-18: All-State band festival, Mobile, AL

May TBA: MHS Graduation Ceremony



Detailed Schedules:


Tuesday, 30 September: St. Clair County Band Expo Make-Up/Rain Date

3:00 pm: All students dismissed from school

5:00 pm: Roll call in band room in full uniform, truck loading, warm-ups, etc.

5:30 pm: Depart for Leeds stadium

6:00 pm: Expo Begins

8:30 pm: Estimated return time to Moody band room (see statement below)

Additional Info: Guests who purchased admission on the date of the rain-out may return and enter the event with an original arm band at no additional charge. Because the number of bands attending is now reduced and is yet unannounced, a band room return time will be posted to Remind 101 upon departure from the event. Please have rides ready promptly.


Friday, 3 October: Football vs. SCCHS at home

2:30 pm: Pep rally, MHS gym

3:00 pm: All students dismissed

6:00 pm: call time in full uniform, band room

6:20 pm: march to Bill Morris stadium

6:50 pm: Play National Anthem, proceed to spirit line/tunnel

7:00 pm: kickoff

10:00 pm: uniforms stored on chairs in band room

10:15 pm: dismissal (have rides ready by this time)


Saturday, 4 October: Sparks in the Park Marching Competition, Spain Park HS

1:30 Roll call in uniform, truck loaded

2:00 Depart MHS band room

3:35 Warm-up

4:05 Travel to Performance Site

4:20 Perform

4:30 Return to buses/ dressing areas, return instruments to truck, change clothes

5:00 Board buses for dinner/ down time at Riverchase Galleria

6:30 Board buses for return to Spain Park HS. Awards committee bring uniforms in bags to stadium in preparation for awards.

7:20-7:50 View Class AAA bands in performance

8:00-9:00 View Class AAAA bands and exhibition bands in performance

9:30-10:00 Awards ceremony: section leaders, captains, drum major, seniors on field in uniform

11:00 Return time, Moody band room. Unload truck, have rides ready by this time. Uniforms go upstairs.

Additional Info: Students should eat lunch before reporting to band room. Bring extra spending money for supper at the Galleria food court and for visits to vendors at the contest. Time at the Galleria mall and visits to vendors at the contest will be accompanied by chaperones in small groups. Chaperones are needed. Please contact Dr. Sargent at or call 205-640-1995 to volunteer. When not in full uniform, students are expected to be in travel uniform (playing members in band t-shirt, athletic shorts or jeans. Auxiliaries see sponsor for instructions).


No director, parent, or student may enter the press box at the contest site. Chaperones are admitted free at the ratio of one chaperone per ten students, hence the necessity of a controlled number of chaperones as noted above. All band and auxiliary representatives in the awards ceremony must be in full uniform. No other personnel are allowed on the field.


Homecoming Week, 10/6-10/10

Friday, 10/10

12:00 noon: school dismissal. All band and auxiliary members report to the band room.

12:30: board buses for homecoming parade

1:30: parade begins

2:00: board buses for return trip

3:00: have all rides ready at the band room

5:30: call time, band room, in uniform

6:00: march to stadium, play full show for pregame, form tunnel. National anthem from field. Halftime consists of homecoming court performance.

Additional Info:

All students have been issued sheet music for the homecoming court performance. The music should be memorized in advance of homecoming week. After school rehearsals on Tuesday and Thursday will be devoted to homecoming court preparations, parade block, and the full show performance, as all will occur on Friday.